Mosquito Control for Restaurant Patio Parties

mosquito on skin

Get your Nashville area restaurant and brewery patios party-ready with special event mosquito control sprays.

Whether you’re hosting a cornhole tournament, open mic night, or beer tasting, Mosquito Squad of Nashville is here to help you get your mosquitoes under control!

The bad news for craft brew establishment owners and restauranteurs is that mosquitoes’ prime time for blood meal biting attacks is the evening when many of these types of outdoor events take place.

As the sun starts to set and the later afternoon sky melts into dusk, that’s the time when mosquitoes can avoid the hot sun and fly and feast freely. To put a stop to their early evening “Come and get it” behavior, restaurant patios need the finest mosquito control available.

Special Event Mosquito Control Will Help Protect Your Guests

Not only do mosquitoes frequent outdoor spaces as the sun goes down, but they will also be uber-attracted to your patio guests. Warm summer evenings and alcohol consumption are only two of the things that will make your restaurant or brewery patio enticing to hungry female mosquitoes.

The irony is, as we are outdoors enjoying our food and drink, it metabolizes into our bodies converting to CO2, and that’s the invitation mosquitoes look for. Our natural body gases that we unknowingly emit – especially while enjoying beer and alcoholic beverages – is the catalyst that makes outdoor party revelers prime targets for mosquito bites – reinforcing why mosquito control is such a dire necessity for these restaurant patio venues.

Mosquito Squad of Nashville will eliminate the proverbial fly in the soup, warding off droves of mosquitoes by providing a thorough, effective special event mosquito control spray.

Here’s How Our Special Event Mosquito Spray Service Works

As you start planning your next outdoor patio party, mosquito control should be at the very top of your list.

We are fortunate to have Mosquito Squad preventative mosquito control protection readily available in several forms.

For special outdoor events that will take place in the late afternoon and evening hours, Mosquito Squad special event mosquito control treatment is an outstanding way to keep those terrible bloodsucking pests away – far away.

Prior to the start of your gathering, we’ll lay down a mosquito control barrier treatment that prevents mosquitoes from invading your celebration space. The proof of this mosquito control efficacy is that it has been used more than 2 million times to help people just like you. It is designed to comply with local and federal guidelines, and all ingredients are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our special event mosquito control treatments will eliminate or significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes that bite guests and hover over food. We mist before food, drink, and dinnerware arrive so there is no opportunity for contamination. Once applied, our mosquito control protection dries within 30 minutes; and it leaves no odor or visible residue. Notably, the mosquito control protection barrier will last the entire duration of your event so the celebration can continue into the night.

Protect your Nashville area patio patrons with our special event mosquito control spray! Get in touch with Mosquito Squad of Nashville at 615-492-3662.