DC Mosquito Squad Featured on NBC 4 Washington

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DC Mosquito Squad Featured on NBC 4 Washington

September 10, 2016

Yesterday morning, Mosquito Squad of Greater Washington DC was featured on NBC Washington‘s News 4 Today morning program in a segment on mosquito prevention. In light of growing Zika virus concerns, News 4 Today anchor Eun Yang shared updates on rising concerns on Zika and mosquito prevention tips from our DC Mosquito Squad Operations Manager, Bobby Frazier.


[Eun Yang, NBC] As we head into summer, we’re conscious about the risks mosquitoes pose. This year there is renewed concern because of the Zika virus. By now you’ve heard the virus can cause deadly birth defects. We spoke with the people at DC’s Mosquito Squad about ways to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your yard. They say remember the five T’s: Tip, Toss, Turn, Tarp, and Treat.

[Bobby Frazier, DC Mosquito Squad] “Anything that can actually collect water, you want to toss. It just takes a cap-worth of water, and mosquitoes can breed hundreds if not thousands of eggs.”

[Eun Yang, NBC] Exterminators say after a rainstorm is the best time to tarp and treat your yard. Mosquitoes only lay eggs in standing water, so you are really the front line of defense to prevent them from breeding in your yard.