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Mosquito Squad of Columbia Provides the Best Local Spider Protection Service Around – Great for Lake Front Homes!

Posted by Mosquito Squad

April 1, 2014

Fear of spiders is ranked the third biggest fear of people living in the United States.  Our fear of death ranks just above our fear of spiders.  Even the sight of a spider across a room can send some of us running.  It is little comfort knowing there are only two poisonous spiders.  Both of these however do live in Columbia SC and around Lake Murray.

Black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders get the most press because they are poisonous.  They both live in the south and like most spiders enjoy dark, undisturbed areas.  Other non-venomous spiders are more of a nuisance when we run into their cobwebs accidentally.  Their webs are sticky and difficult to remove.  Our fear of running into a spider in the cobweb can set our hearts racing.

Yes, spiders are a pest we would prefer not be around when enjoying our time outdoors.  For lake owners, like those living on Lake Murray and other lakes in the Columbia SC area, spiders can be a real nuisance.  Spiders love moisture, so lakefront homes, boats, boathouses, piers and gazebos are all spider magnets.

What options do we have to prevent spiders setting up shop in or around our homes?  Pesticides are the most effective way to rid areas of insects but spiders require some knowledge in the safe use of pesticides.  Since spiders are often found around bodies of water, some pesticides aren’t approved for use around rivers, lakes and streams.

Mosquito Squad of Columbia offers three programs for controlling spiders.

First, we offer a Spider/Crawling Pest Annual Add-on option with our standard Mosquito Squad protection program that eliminates spiders and crawling insects in your home.  This service treats areas for spiders, palmetto bugs, cockroaches and any bug that crawls in your home.  A year-round protection program, it includes 9-12 visits throughout the year.  For homeowners already using our mosquito control program, this additional service can be added for only $200 (which compares to $300+ with “regular” pest control companies).  This program is much more effective than treatment offered by “regular” exterminators plus we can usually keep the chemical outside of your home.

If you own a waterfront home and you already use our Mosquito Control program, our Spider Natural Season Add-On program will protect your boat, jet ski, boathouse, dock, and gazebo – anything you want protected around the water.  We use an effective mint-based natural product anywhere we need to treat within 25 feet of the water.

Finally, for lake homeowners who want to focus on eliminating spiders we offer our Spider Control Gold Plus program.  This program has a specific focus on spiders for yards that don’t suffer with mosquitoes.  We treat your home from its eaves to its foundation.

Using a telescoping spider brush with a 40’ reach, we remove all the cobwebs in an around all your property – everywhere we find them.  In our area, spider season is year round.  The Spider Control Gold Plus program continues to treat your home and lakefront property in the winter as well.

Whether adding spider control to your Mosquito Control protection or simply requiring spider control around lakefront buildings, we have a program that will meet your needs.   The programs we discussed here will allow you to enjoy more of your time around the water this year.  We are very committed to serving the needs of our customers.  We have had strong success with effective spider control for both Lake Murray homes and other homes in the Columbia SC area.