Dread Skeeter’s in Town!

Posted by Mosquito Squad

February 9, 2010

a branded Mosquito Squad vehicle near a body of water.Meet Dread Skeeter, bug buster.  Dread can be found on the side of Mosquito Squad of Columbia’s newly-branded vehicle, and wants to go to work in your neighborhood to control mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas and any insects that ruin the enjoyment of the time you want to spend outside in your yard.  Dread Skeeter works throughout the entire Columbia, South Carolina market and assists home and business owners in controlling biting bugs.

Dread’s effective barrier sprays won’t hurt flowers or plants, and protects kids, pets and adults from the annoyance and disease spread by biting insects.

Plan on spending more time outdoors this upcoming season. Invite Dread over for a free consultation on how Mosquito Squad can help block biting bugs before the biting bugs you.