How Not to Invite Mosquitoes Into Your Yard

Posted by Mosquito Squad
How Not to Invite Mosquitoes Into Your Yard

December 20, 2023

Springtime is in full force, and you are likely in the planning or execution stages of landscaping updates in your yard.

But are you inadvertently inviting hordes of mosquitoes onto your property just by making it beautiful this spring? Well, you could be!

Templeton Mosquito Control Through Smart Landscaping Practices

Springtime renewal is not all about what you are adding to your yard. It could also be about what you are removing. The first thing you should make sure you do get rid of is trash. Whether accumulated after a party or opening your new landscaping materials, do not allow garbage to pile up. If you are working outdoors, cleaning up as you go is a best practice to keep mosquitoes from laying eggs in any type of debris or open trash receptacle that is likely to capture water.

You have probably heard about plants that might help repel mosquitoes from the areas close to your home. The usual culprits are lavender and citronella. But did you know that some plants might actually invite mosquitoes right to your front door? If you are planting anew this spring, consider not installing plants that mosquitoes love. What are these? Bamboo, water lilies, and hyacinths are three such mosquito attractors.

Let’s talk about water features. Adding a water feature to your landscaping can invite tranquility into your outdoor living areas. It might also attract mosquitoes because they must have water to lay their eggs. Best practices for not attracting mosquitoes to your water features would be to ensure that your pump remains in working order, so that the water is in constant movement. If your water feature is simply a decorative item, such as a bird bath, it is essential that you change that water every few days to disallow mosquitoes’ eggs to incubate therein. The same goes for pet water bowls.

We must remember that making our yard more beautiful in the springtime often keeps our focus on the ground. Look up for a moment and consider your gutters. Are they full of late fall and winter leaf debris and standing water? Have you noticed that the water escapes over the sides of your gutters during hard rain? Your gutters more than likely require a good cleaning out. So, while you are working around your home this spring, be certain that gutter cleaning gets onto your to-do list.

Last, but certainly not least, is professional Templeton mosquito control! Mosquito Squad of Worcester is ready to serve you all spring, summer, and fall, with the most trusted protection in the business. Call us at (508) 388-5640 to get on our mosquito yard mist schedule.