How Long After Mosquito Yard Spray Can You Go Outdoors?

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If you are considering a Templeton mosquito control solution for your home, you might be asking…

How long do you have to wait to go back outside after mosquito yard treatment is applied? With Mosquito Squad of Worcester, no matter which mosquito control option you choose, we recommend waiting about 30 minutes before resuming your outdoor activities. This recommendation applies to your whole family, including your kids and pets.

What happens during our mosquito yard treatment drying time?

As our mosquito yard treatment dries, the special micro-encapsulated formula adheres to greenery and vegetation throughout your yard. Over the next two to three weeks, the formula will be time-released to repel and/or eliminate mosquitoes from your yard. In fact, you can expect up 85 or 90% of mosquitoes to be eliminated from the areas around your home, which you love to enjoy with your family and pets. That’s much more enjoyment, much less worry, and far less chance you will encounter a disease-infected mosquito bite!

How much time should you wait between mosquito yard sprays?

There are two answers to this question. If you choose our all-natural mosquito yard treatment, you will have about two weeks between resprays. If you opt for Mosquito Squad’s traditional EPA-registered barrier protection treatment, you can expect to wait about three weeks between resprays. The best part is, once you get on our treatment schedule, you don’t have to make the follow-up mosquito yard treatment appointments. We’ll revisit in due time so that your mosquito protection is uninterrupted from spring through fall! You don’t have to be home. If you are not available, our mosquito control technician will leave a door hanger letting you now when your yard was misted.

Is mosquito yard treatment the same as tick protection treatment?

Mosquito Squad’s mosquito yard treatment is exactly the same formula as our tick protection treatment. Both solutions are formulated to protect your home and family from mosquitoes and ticks – no additional treatment is required. Both formulas work the same amount of time for ticks and mosquitoes. Both formulas are optimally effective from early spring through late autumn.

Do you need mosquito treatment after fall?

Once late fall arrives, you do not need to continue your mosquito yard treatment. For augmented tick protection in the fall and winter, Mosquito Squad offers tick control tubes. Why continue tick control during that time? Because it is possible to be bitten by a tick any time of year. Warmer Northeastern winters have resulted not only in larger tick populations, but also ticks that quest during unseasonably warm periods. The winter will not kill ticks, it only slows them down.

Got questions about tick and mosquito yard treatment? Call Mosquito Squad of Worcester today at (508) 388-5640 for more information.