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5 of the Most Disgusting Insects in St. Louis

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You don't have to deal with disgusting insects. Read our guide to learn about local bugs and which ones our outdoor pest control experts can reduce for you.

Most of us love getting outside during the warm spring and summer months. Unfortunately, this is prime time for disgusting insects to crawl out from whatever holes they've been hiding in during the cool winter. You don't have to share your outdoor living space with insects. Instead, get outdoor pest control to take back your backyard from bugs. At Mosquito Squad, we can take care of these nasty creepy crawlies for you, so read our guide below to learn more about the bugs we can reduce from your yard.

1. Fleas

Your dog or cat isn't the only one that needs to worry about fleas. Pets can easily bring fleas into the home without you even knowing. Incessant itching with slightly raised red bites on your feet and ankles is one sign that you might have fleas in your house. Fleas can carry nasty diseases that you don't want anywhere near your home. Your pets aren't the only ones who will be happy with flea treatment. Your family will be happy to avoid the itching that comes with a flea infestation brought on by a pet that likes to spend time running through the yard. (If we treat fleas outdoors, you will be asked to hire a general pest control company to treat your interior.)

2. Gnats

While gnats aren't nearly as disgusting as other insects you'll find on this list, they sure are annoying. Tiny flying bugs seem to like flying around our faces in swarms while we're eating or trying to have a conversation. Most gnats aren't known for carrying diseases, but black gnats are a vector for onchocerciasis, which is a disease that can cause visual impairment. Gnat treatment will make for more enjoyable evenings outside by keeping you from getting a mouthful of gnats with your cheeseburger.

3. Spiders

No, spiders aren't insects, but they're still disgusting. Their eight creepy, crawly legs and that feeling like they're watching you from the corner of the shower. It's like they're waiting for you to get close enough to their web to make their move, whatever it might be.

It can be good to have spiders around because they get rid of other bugs you don't want scampering around your house. However, the absolute last thing you want is to have one make your bed its home or reach under the cabinet to get bit on your hand. Feel free to stomp them out as you please or call for pest control, and we'll get rid of them inside and out.

4. Ticks

Ticks carry Lyme disease and other diseases that can cause long-term health problems. Dogs will commonly bring ticks into the home as their coat can act like velcro to these blood-sucking parasites. You can take measures on your own to prevent ticks from infesting your backyard by keeping your grass cut, trimming the hedges, and maintaining woodpiles. Unfortunately, we don't have any recommendations to keep away the "poli-ticks." Bwhaa haaa haa – pun intended!

5. Mosquitoes

Your first thought about mosquitoes might be that they're more annoying than anything. But once you start to consider the diseases they carry and can transmit to you and your family, you'll realize how disgusting they really are. Standing water in the yard or a pool used occasionally are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Having mosquitoes hang around your house can make you vulnerable to contracting vector-borne diseases. Outdoor pest control is a great solution to keeping mosquitoes away your family and visitors safe when you host your next event.

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You don't have to live with these disgusting insects and other bugs that ruin your outdoor fun. Call our team at Mosquito Squad today to request a free quote for St. Louis outdoor pest control services. Be sure to check out our specially formulated packages for your specific outdoor pest challenges.