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St. Louis Commercial Mosquito Control Services for Parks, Businesses and More.

Bench in a park

Mosquitoes don’t discriminate. Mosquito control is not just for backyards, common neighborhood areas, parks, ball fields, and commercial properties should protect their guests from itchy, dangerous mosquito bites too!

If you’re the parent of a baseball, softball, soccer, or football player, you are likely familiar with the discomfort that can occur when you are spending an evening, a full day, or a weekend at the fields. It could be freezing, roasting, raining, or scorching; you never know what you need to prepare. The last thing you want is the annoyance of biting mosquitoes.

Mosquito Squad is proud to serve St. Louis with commercial mosquito control services. Our satisfaction guarantee mosquito barrier treatment will eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes and adult ticks – keeping your guests happy and safe.

Who Can Benefit from Commercial Mosquito Control?

We service a large variety of non-residential clients. But really, anyone who wants a mosquito-free outdoor area. Here are a few examples:

HOA Mosquito Services

Kids playing soccerThe many common areas of a neighborhood can be easily infested with mosquitoes. Don’t let your homeowners abandon the use of the space they so much enjoy because of mosquitoes and ticks biting. We serve several HOA communities and even offer exclusive discounts to residents who would like their yard treated as well. Call today and ask!

Large Commercial Properties

Large corporations with huge properties, and many employees invest heavily to provide excellent facilities to their employees to increase productivity and on-the-job satisfaction. A local worldwide corporation in St. Louis has us treat their property so their employees can use the outdoor spaces safely. If you have picnic areas, outdoor activities, or just a lovely walking path at your business, call us today!

Youth Soccer/Ball-field Complexes

Do you manage or volunteer for a youth athletic association? If so, you can help your members enjoy better facilities with commercial mosquito treatment on and around your fields. We offer special pricing that makes it affordable for your club, and we treat during special early morning hours so there is ZERO downtime to let the product dry before the kids can play!

Restaurants and Hotels

The guest-services industry is a competitive one. The outdoor spaces you provide your valued clients is incredibly important to growing your business. We can treat the recreational areas, dining patios, and more. Just call for your special commercial quote.

From city-owned parks to large corporations, we can help eliminate dangerous mosquitoes and ticks to keep employees, visitors, and guests happy and safe. If you have a non-residential property that could benefit from mosquito control services, call us today for a free estimate.