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Spring Has Sprung Early in Minneapolis and With it, More Deer Ticks & Wood Ticks

Posted by Mosquito Squad

May 13, 2016

This week in Minneapolis it will be in the 50’s-60’s and by next week, we are looking at temperatures above 70. It’s warm, and it’s been warm in Minneapolis for this time of year. Who doesn’t love an early spring? Unfortunately, it has brought something that no one loves…an early tick season. Reports from KARE-TV and KSTP TV share that their viewers have been seeing and fighting ticks on their pets and in their homes since March. A mild winter and an early spring will lead to a longer tick season and more time for these pests to do more harm here in Minneapolis, according to Jeff Hahn, an entomologist with the University of Minnesota.

Ticks Here. Ticks There. Ticks Everywhere.

If you walk your dog on a daily basis, you have most likely encountered deer ticks or wood ticks yourself and have probably heard your friends complain about it too. From Wayzata to North Oaks, ticks lie in wait for you and your pets in the tall grass of the park or on the wooded paths and trails you like to travel. They catch a ride into your home. Even if your dog has been treated with tick control and they don’t latch on, the pests can still make their way inside. Doesn’t the thought of constantly checking your kids and dogs for ticks slightly turn your stomach? What if you find them crawling on your furniture? YUCK! And let’s not forget the threat of Lyme disease is growing in Minnesota! Of course, we know you aren’t going to barricade yourself indoors, but it is smart to consider your path and your clothing when you are out in nature.

Minneapolis Tick Control

For protection in your yard and at home, let Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities be your solution. Servicing the greater Minneapolis area, we can eliminate 85-90% of the existing ticks in your yard with our barrier treatment. By misting our time released formula every 2-3 weeks throughout the tick season, you will be able to enjoy your yard worry free. We also want to make sure that next spring, whether early or not, you are protected from the next tick generation. With our tick tube system, we can keep newly hatched ticks from even entering your yard. These tubes, filled with a treated cotton material, are placed strategically throughout your yard. Mice use this cotton to build their nests; larval and nymph ticks embed themselves on the mice and eliminated upon entering the den. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Call us today for a quote. Let us help you enjoy every extra minute of this beautiful season!