Heavy Spring Rains. Hot Summer Days. Excessive Tick Population.

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Heavy Spring Rains. Hot Summer Days. Excessive Tick Population.

December 20, 2023

It’s certainly not news we want to hear, but not news we should ignore either. The Minneapolis area has seen plenty of rain this year (record breaking, in fact) and as we get deeper into summer and the hot weather, we are seeing an excessive number of ticks.

Dave Neitzel, supervisor of the vector-borne diseases unit of the Minnesota Department of Health, says the number of black-legged ticks has been very high. These are the ticks that carry Lyme disease in Minnesota so the expectation is that the number of cases of Lyme could be high as well. According to the CDC, more than 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease yearly. The idea of that number going up is not a pleasant thought.

When Do Ticks Appear?

tick cycle Adult ticks begin to appear as soon as the snow starts to melt. Nymph ticks emerge in late spring. It is the nymphs that spread disease most. While a tick needs to be attached to his host for approximately 2 days to transmit Lyme disease, nymph ticks are tiny and hard to see. You might never know they are attached.

How to Avoid Ticks

Controlling the weather is not an option. Each year rain levels and temperatures change. Tick population numbers could go up or down. Climate change makes it likely that there will be more ups than downs.

Tick control can’t be about the weather.

At Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities we have a better solution. Our barrier treatment eliminates 90% of adult ticks on contact. Our tick tube system eliminates the ticks of the future. Strategically placed tubes with treated cotton are placed in your yard and small mammals (namely mice) use the cotton as nesting material. Larval ticks attach themselves to these mammals and contact to the treated materials cause the ticks to die, thus eliminating them before their most lethal stage. It also eliminates them before they become adult ticks that multiply. We are stopping the tick population growth cycle.

Lyme disease has been an epidemic for years. The only real way to avoid it is to avoid the ticks.

We can help you get ahead of that game by eliminating today’s ticks as well as tomorrows. Call Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities to create the best tick control treatment process for your property today.