When is Agawam Tick Control Most Effective?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
When is Agawam Tick Control Most Effective?

December 20, 2023

There are many reasons why you should make efforts to avoid ticks. From their crab-like bodies to their noiseless, painless feeding behavior, ticks are jarring to see when end up on your body. No one enjoys being a food source for other creatures, but humans are an increasingly common source of blood for ticks. Aside from the “Ew” factor that ticks possess in spades, ticks are a serious health risk for those living in the Northeast as well as in other regions around the country. There is evidence that tick-borne diseases have circulated through forests for tens of thousands of years, but it was only in recent decades when we discovered the true scale of the tick crisis.

A few factors have contributed to burgeoning tick populations. For one, ticks have increasingly relied on residential areas and their foliage for shelter and survival. In addition, deer populations have seen their numbers increase dramatically. Ticks use deer as a prime food source, and deer are one of the main disease reservoirs in our region. Lyme disease, specifically, is often carried by deer and passed along to ticks when these tiny arachnids feed on the deer. Further, climate change is fueling a shift in the traditional tick season, meaning ticks are more likely to emerge from their winter slumber earlier in the spring and depart later in the fall. The combination of a longer tick season, growing tick populations, and altered feeding territory spell real trouble for public health in Massachusetts. To defend against this growing threat, make sure you are defending your home and yard properly. Ticks can become active as soon as temperatures are consistently above freezing. Get ahead of the curve this spring with Agawam tick control from Mosquito Squad of Springfield.

The leading tick control in Agawam

Why should you trust Mosquito Squad with your yard’s tick defenses? Since 2005, we’ve been defending our neighbors against ticks with one of the leading treatment models in the industry. With nearly 20 years of experience, we’re an established voice in the fight against ticks, and we’re excited to help you tackle your tick problems. Our barrier protection treatment, which is also effective against mosquitoes, is our leading tick control option as it lasts for up to 21 days and only needs occasional reapplications. With treatments every 2-3 weeks, we can defend you against ticks throughout the spring, summer, and fall. We take your health and happiness seriously, and the quality of our services matches this sentiment. Give us a call at (413) 418-3359.