Spraying to Begin in MA to Defend Against EEE Mosquitoes

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Spraying to Begin in MA to Defend Against EEE Mosquitoes

December 20, 2023

Now that summer is in full swing, our attention is inevitably held by the emergence of mosquitoes. With warmer weather and standing water provided by rain, summer signifies the peak of mosquito season and the downfall of our outdoor living enjoyment. After enduring the cold this winter, it feels like we are due a long, mosquito-less summer, but the reality isn’t so attractive. By all accounts, the mosquito problem we have in Massachusetts is only going to become worse in the coming years, making defensive efforts more important. Indeed, mosquitoes are so numerous in our region that our municipalities need to implement mosquito control measures on an industrial scale. Furthermore, not all mosquito treatments are effective.

Westfield mosquito control is of utmost importance this summer

Numerous mosquito species exist in Massachusetts, and some are better at avoiding conventional mosquito control measures than others. What makes this pattern so concerning is that a mosquito species, believed to be at least partly responsible for the EEE outbreak in 2019, can avoid the typical mosquito control measures. So, Massachusetts is taking action. How? With a mosquito spray that utilizes bacteria to target the mosquito species Coquillettidia perturbans. The larvae of this species attach themselves to plants, rather than floating freely in standing water like most other mosquito species. While this treatment has proven effective before, it is not being implemented on a state-wide level. This new treatment variety is necessary, now that we know how devastating EEE can be to the human body. In 2019, when MA was the epicenter of an EEE outbreak, 34 people fell ill with the disease, 12 of whom did not survive. Roughly 30% of severe Eastern Equine Encephalitis cases result in death, highlighting the huge importance of keeping the disease at bay. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on the government to provide spotty mosquito defense. Professional mosquito control is your best option against our aerial nemeses.

Where to turn for Westfield mosquito control

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve worked diligently since 2005 to defend our customers against mosquitoes and their various diseases. With the help of our barrier protection treatments, we can guarantee up to a 90% reduction in the mosquito population on your property. Lasting for up to three weeks maximum, occasional reapplications will keep you defended against mosquitoes throughout the summer and fall months.

Mosquito populations and diseases are on the rise, but don’t let them spoil your day. Trust Mosquito Squad of Springfield for powerful Westfield mosquito control. Give us a call at (413) 418-3359.