Longmeadow Mosquito Control: Improve Your Outdoor Living Experience

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Longmeadow Mosquito Control: Improve Your Outdoor Living Experience

December 20, 2023

We’ve all experienced it. You’re enjoying an outdoor gathering with friends and family, but suddenly, the mood is tarnished by swarms of ravenous mosquitoes. As enjoyable as summer’s warm weather is after a long, cold winter, there are always drawbacks like mosquitoes to make the season less than perfect. And, as you may have noticed before, some people seem to attract mosquitoes more than others. In decades past, there seemed to be no rhyme or reason why mosquitoes prefer to feed on some humans and completely avoid others. However, answers are starting to come to light, throwing back the veil on mosquito behavior. Mosquitoes are adept hunters, despite their tiny size. With fine-tuned visual, olfactory, and thermal senses, mosquitoes are almost impossible to avoid, but they seem to have feeding preferences.

Longmeadow mosquito control; vital in the fight against mosquitoes

In recent years, scientists have discovered that the odors humans emit can have a significant influence on their chances of being targeted. More recently, researchers found that colors play a significant role in a mosquito hunting behavior. Mosquitoes initiate their hunting when they sense CO2, which animals emit during the respiratory process. Once CO2 is sensed nearby, mosquitoes then try to identify the prey, and color is the primary indicator of food. In laboratory experiments using colored dots, mosquitoes were misted with CO2 to make them believe prey was nearby, and the CO2-exposed mosquitoes immediately targeted (most often) the dots colored red, cyan, orange, and black. What makes this significant? In a mosquito’s perception, all humans are colored some shade of red-orange, which make us stand out as prey. Green, purple, blue, and white, in contrast, were actually avoided during the test! So, if you find yourself trying to incorporate these colors into your summer outfits, make sure to check out NY fashion week for inspiration. If the colors you choose don’t end up repelling the mosquitoes, perhaps the various frills, folds, and sparkles of a Tom Ford outfit will. Don’t take our word on that, though. In our experience, mosquito control in Longmeadow is a better strategy.

Fortunately, there are more affordable mosquito control methods than spending a fortune on designer clothes. Professional mosquito control is available from your neighbors at Mosquito Squad.

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Despite the incredible hunting instincts mosquitoes possess, there are powerful mosquito control solutions available to you. Longmeadow mosquito control from Mosquito Squad of Springfield is chief among them. Since 2005, we’ve been providing our customers with premium mosquito control options that are proven and long-lasting. Using our barrier protection mist, which is available in our original and naturalformulas, our highly trained technicians will create a defensive mist barrier around your yard’s perimeter. Furthermore, they will apply secondary treatments to areas of your yard that might breed mosquitoes, as well as any other outdoor living area you have. We want to ensure you have the best experience possible this summer, and we’re always here to help you create the ideal outdoor living environment.

Look to Mosquito Squad of Springfield for all your mosquito control needs. Give us a call at (413) 418-3359.