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Keep Your Southwest Michigan Yard Free From Standing Water and Mosquitoes

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Southwest Michigan has a lot going for it: beautiful lakes, proximity to the state capital, and a quick trip into Chicago for concerts. However, Southwest Michigan also has one of the highest mosquito rates in Michigan, a state that already has way too many mosquitoes. Do you know what is causing these mosquitoes? Standing water in yards like yours. Don't believe us? Read on to find out more.

Why Mosquitoes Love Standing Water

When talking to any mosquito control, one thing you'll notice right away is that they always focus on standing water in yards. Why is that the case? A mosquito exterminator knows that standing water is the perfect breeding ground for these pests. However, they also understand that the best natural mosquito protection typically starts with prevention by getting rid of this water.

You need to take these steps before mosquitoes in Michigan spread way too many diseases, including some that may be dangerous or even life-threatening to many. Therefore, it is vital to take steps to minimize your standing water to get rid of your backyard mosquito problem. You can then use natural mosquito treatment to prevent this problem and reduce your pest issues.

The best standing water treatment methods include:

  • Removing water

  • Leveling your soil

  • Aerating the ground

  • Installing bubblers in ponds and lakes

Take these steps early in spring before mosquitoes lay eggs to help reduce the presence of mosquitoes. If you don't have time to take these steps, you can contact a mosquito control professional to handle these pests now.

Natural Mosquito Treatment May Also Help

At Mosquito Squad of Southwest Michigan, we have experience with water-logged yards and understand various treatment methods that may help you. After you've taken care of your standing water, contact us to get traditional or natural mosquito treatment for the best mosquito control effectiveness. What makes us the best mosquito control company? Things like:

  • Safe treatments that won't hurt your children or pets

  • A top rating as the best mosquito control service from many reviewers

  • A 21-day treatment rate that greatly reduces the presence of mosquitoes

  • Skilled and expert professionals who care about your needs

These little things make us the best mosquito exterminator for many situations. In addition, our team can provide mosquito services for homes and even commercial facilities, providing the diverse range of care options that you both want and deserve.

Take Back Your Yard From Mosquitoes

Are you ready to take care of your mosquito problem and get your yard back to a healthy state? Then please call Mosquito Squad of Southwest Michigan right away to get help. You can contact us at (877) 332-2239 to learn more about our treatment options and set up a free appointment and inspection.