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Your Safe Mosquito Abatement Service in Benton Harbor

Who We Are: Mosquito Squad of Southwest Michigan, Serving Benton Harbor, Michigan

As your name suggests, you have a view of the grand harbor and a fantastic idyllic beach setting. This is in addition to the top-class golf courses and historic buildings. Your town is rich in history, but the mosquitoes can put a damper on that in a flash. At Mosquito Squad of Southwest Michigan, serving Benton Harbor, our mission is to ensure you go about your daily lives without worrying about mosquitoes and other pests. We come with a team of certified and licensed technicians who are no joke when it comes to riding your home and events of those pesky insects.

Moreover, we understand that everyone has different requirements, from natural treatment to the time of availability and proximity to mosquito-prone environments. Don't worry; offering Benton Harbor safe mosquito control is what we were born to do. Give us a call to help you and your family have fun throughout the summer while staying healthy from West Nile Virus and all the other diseases that mosquitoes are known to bring along.

Mosquito Control in Benton Harbor, Michigan

Almost everybody has gotten a bite from a mosquito at some point in their lives. Bites from mosquitoes can lead to skin discomfort due to an allergic response to its saliva, resulting in a red spot and severe itching. However, the transmission of dangerous diseases and viruses like malaria, dengue fever, Zika, and West Nile virus,which can cause debilitating and possibly fatal effects, can be a more severe consequence of mosquito bites.

At Mosquito Squad of Southwest Michigan, serving Benton Harbor, we have the proper treatment to prevent mosquito-borne diseases. We check your home in its entirety for the sources that attract them; then,wetreat those areas first before moving on to your entire yard to kill the pests and keep others away for about 21 days. We then come back and repeat the process.

Tick Control in Benton Harbor, Michigan

Having fun is important, but if it means putting yourself at risk of getting a disease from ticks, then where's the fun in that? Ticks are plentiful in Michigan, and several of them turn aggressive quickly when black-legged during the warm period after they've been in stagnation during the winter. The deer tick is also known as the black-legged tick, is the most well-known of all since it can transmit the bacteria that result in Lyme disease.

Ticks in Michigan might not all carry dangerous microorganisms, viruses, or parasites, but some do, and they can survive in a range of environments, such as people's backyards.

NaturalMosquito Control Benton Harbor, Michigan

Our natural treatment alternatives both kills and deters mosquitoes instantly and efficiently, similar to the traditional treatment. The botanical scent of the treatment derived from essential oils will not affect your family or pets. It wears off in just minutes, and you're able to get back to normal activities in just half an hour. The natural treatment cycle is 14 days which we do automatically with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The maintenance aspect is vital to ensure that you have continuous protection through the warm season.

Our Barrier Protection Treatment allows you to have fun in your backyard without being bothered by buzzing in your ear or enduring bites that could lead to one of a myriad of diseases that mosquitoes can come with. This Benton Harbor safe mosquito treatment for home keeps newcomers far from your property throughout the cycle as well.

Why Mosquito Squad of Southwest Michigan

Why us? Our customers remain consistent because our 100 percent satisfaction guaranteeservice is the real deal. When it comes to addressing pests, we put our money where our mouth is because your health and reputation are both at stake. From our conventional to natural treatments, you are sure to play or relax comfortably in your house and backyard because the mosquitoes will be dead, and others will be afraid to come. Please fill out our contact formfor a quick quote or call us today at (269) 340-3580 so that normality can be restored to your life at home, both indoor and outdoor.



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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