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Can Ticks Come from Mice?

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Your realtor most likely convinced you of the benefits of your home when you made your decision to buy it, but there are many subjects that real estate will not broach. For instance, you would be thrilled to have the chance to spend time outside with your family if your home had a yard of any size. Few things, after all, excite kids more than the prospect of playing outside! An outdoor living space makes it easy to host dinner parties and other occasions but having a yard in the Northeast carries a danger that is of great concern. Even in suburban settings, the outdoors is home to animals of various sizes and forms, including small, ancient insects that pose risks to our health: Ticks. While they may appear innocent, ticks are anything but harmless and frequently lurk in the landscaping surrounding our yards.

Pest Control in White Plains is Helpful for Tick Control

Ticks need at least as much attention as stories about snakes, bears, or other dangerous animals that can risk human health. The aforementioned creatures are definitely worth keeping an eye out for, but they do not frequently appear in suburban settings. Ticks, however, can be found in abundance throughout the Northeast. Ticks are among the best hitchhikers in North America, yet they don't hitchhike hygienically. Ticks use animals as a means of transportation and a quick meal. Ticks are effectively live needles that gather illnesses, which are then transmitted to subsequent victims. These creatures will feed on just about anything that contains blood.

As ticks like to target animals for blood, you can guess why hosting rodents and other small animals on your property can be a bad thing. If you have an influx of mic or other ground rodents close to your home, they could be transporting ticks. What’s more, mice are the most rampant carriers of the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. So, if wildlife is bringing ticks to your door, they could carry Lyme or other diseases.

What animals eat ticks?

While natural mosquito control like animals that predate on ticks isn’t hugely effective, the efforts of these animals don’t hurt. Many animals can eat ticks, including frogs, lizards, squirrels, opossums, wild turkeys, ants, guineafowl, and others. These animals can be beneficial by eating ticks, but the best way to deal with these bloodsuckers is with professional tick control.

White Plains NY tick control from the experts

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve worked for nearly 20 years to provide our customers with powerful tick control options they can trust. With the help of our tick barrier protection spray, tick tubes for winter tick control, and our highly trained technicians, we can guarantee a dramatic reduction in the tick population on your property. Don’t let ticks ruin your time in the outdoors!

For White Plains NY tick control you can rely on, trust the experts at Mosquito Squad of Southern Westchester & Rockland County. Give us a call at (914) 533-1159 .

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