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Mosquito, Tick & Flea Control and Barrier Treatments in in Rye, NY

In 2005, our company was tasked with creating a new kind of mosquito control that didn’t require bathing in DEET or lighting countless citronella candles. What resulted was the most effective method of mosquito control ever created. Using precision treatments and knowledge of mosquito behavior, we’re able to eliminate 85-90% of mosquitoes for up to 3 weeks!

For our Rye mosquito and tick control service, the secret of our success is simple: we combine the best products with the best technicians, creating the longest-lasting and most reliable mosquito and tick control in the industry. Our technicians are all highly trained and licensed to apply our proprietary formulas with precision and scientific rigor. Every treatment begins with a thorough inspection to ensure we’re covering every area that could potential harbor mosquitoes, followed by use of our EPA-registered knock-down formula. After 30 minutes, your kids and pets are good to come back outside and enjoy a bite-free yard.

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Why Good Mosquito & Tick Control in Rye Is Vital to Health & Well-Being

Chikungunya. West Nile virus. Zika virus. Dengue fever. Malaria. Lyme disease. Collectively, these diseases sicken or kill millions of people worldwide. Do you know what they have in common? They’re all spread by pests that live in your backyard right now. Even when mosquitoes or ticks aren’t spreading disease, they’re forcing us indoors on our own property, keeping us from enjoying good weather without suffering bites, stings, and welts.

Mosquito Squad of Southern Westchester & Rockland County can ensure that your property stays bite-free through our convenient subscription-style service. Just one application can make your yard into a pain-free oasis for three weeks, but regular treatments every few weeks means your yard can stay bite-free indefinitely. What could you do with a whole summer of mosquito and tick relief? A whole year?On top of that, our services are all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you have a problem with your results between treatments, we’ll come out and re-treat your property at no charge.

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