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Kansas City North Mosquito and tick Control

Trusted Mosquito & Tick Treatments In Kansas City, Liberty, Odessa & Beyond

People from the Northland love the outdoors. Whether it’s a community event or watching the kids play from the back deck, the last thing you want is for mosquitoes to ruin the party. Mosquito Squad of The Northland offers tick and mosquito control services in North Kansas City, Liberty, and beyond to protect your family from the dangers and annoyances of pests all season long. With our control treatments, you can enjoy activities like boating on Smithville Lake, strolling through Zona Rosa, or catching a concert at the Kearney Amphitheater all while fighting the bite!

Mosquito Squad is your trusted mosquito and tick control company in the Northland. We offer a variety of mosquito and tick treatment options including our traditional barrier spray, our all-natural mosquito treatment, andautomatic misting systems. Are you planning a special event? We’d love to protect it with a one-time spray that will ensure your guests aren’t swatting at buzzing and biting bugs for its duration. Our tick and mosquito treatment specialists serve residents throughout the Northland, including Kansas City North, Liberty, Odessa, Parkville, Gladstone, Platte City, Kearney, and beyond. Call the Squad today for a free estimate at (816) 354-1127.

About Mosquito Squad of The Northland

Say Good Riddance to Mosquitoes.

Mosquito Squad is more than a bug control company—it’s been an innovator in the industry since 2005. We invented the Protective Barrier Spray and have improved the way that over 300,000 families enjoy the outdoors ever since. Our Kansas City North tick and mosquito control technicians know that every home is different and create a custom solution for each job. We identify problem areas that mosquitoes love, treat them, and then create a barrier around your house that stops more bugs from making your property their home.


Our spray works on mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other common annoying bugs throughout the Northland, including Kansas City North, Liberty, Parkville, and beyond. All our products use ingredients registered with the EPA. We emphasize safety with all our operations and make sure we spray responsibly. After we finish at your home, your family only needs to wait 30 minutes before resuming their outdoor fun. Best of all, we back our claims with a 100% satisfaction guarantee at Mosquito Squad of The Northland. If you are unhappy for any reason within 21 days, we will come back to your home at no extra cost and fix the problem.