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Are you struggling to manage pests in your home and backyard? Whether it’s mosquitoes, ticks, or even rodents, Mosquito Squad Winneconne has a solution. Our guaranteed services and long history in Northern Wisconsin make us the ideal partner to get your home back to a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Mosquito Control in Winneconne, WI 

Mosquito control isn’t just a matter of avoiding bites and buzzing; it’s a matter of personal health. In the United States, there are over 150 species of mosquitoes that can carry everything from West Nile virus to heartworm to Malaria. While these are thankfully rare, the more mosquitoes there are, the more risk, and unfortunately, they populate quickly.

To achieve effective Winneconne mosquito control, it’s critical to reduce adult mosquitoes. To do so, a skilled technician will identify the most likely spots for nests in your home and treat them directly before creating a solid barrier around your home. This approach can help reduce the active threat and curb the overall local mosquito population.

Winneconne, WI, Mosquito Squad

In 2005, Mosquito Squad began offering protective barrier services, and since then we have continued to prove ourselves as the leaders in our field. More importantly, we have a reputation for being transparent, respectful, and educated on all pest control in Northern Wisconsin.

Our locally owned and operated Mosquito Squad location in Winneconne is an extension of this. Whether you need a traditional mosquito spray or more extensive pest services or want to discuss tick control, we have a service for you. And if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your service, we have a satisfaction guarantee that you can count on.

Tick Control in Winneconne, WI

Ticks carry a completely different range of diseases from mosquitoes. Lyme Disease is the most common, but risks can also include Babesiosis, tularemia, and others. Ticks are also notable because they can live on their host for up to 10 days, whether it is a human or animal.

Mosquito Squad’s holistic approach extends to Winneconne tick control. An experienced technician will identify the grassy and wooded areas where ticks lay eggs, reducing as many as possible and utilizing proactive tick control treatments to offer further protection.

Winneconne, WI, Rodent Control

Mosquito Squad Winneconne’s services don’t just tackle bugs and insects; we also offer rodent control. Mice and rats can not only be unnerving, but they can also carry diseases and often like to chew through structural elements of your home and wires, posing a serious danger. With a combination of methods, we will help you both reduce rodents and stop new ones from entering your home.  

Winneconne, WI, Mosquito Squad

Winneconne is an oasis in many ways, but we know better than anyone that pests can make it less peaceful. Mosquitoes, ticks, rodents, spiders, boxelder bugs, ants, fleas, and gnats – whatever is causing you stress, Mosquito Squad Winneconne is here to help. Contact us today to create the right plan for you!


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If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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