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Are you finding your Suamico home overrun by pests? Whether you’re struggling with mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, or any other kind of nuisance, getting help from a pest control professional in Suamico is the next step. Mosquito Squad in Suamico, WI, is a first-class team that is dedicated to helping you feel secure in your own space.

Mosquito Control in Suamico, WI

In terms of pests, mosquitoes are tiny but mighty. There are several species in the United States alone, and they reproduce at an astonishing rate when not controlled properly. While their bites alone are enough to make this an issue, there is something more insidious to consider: mosquitoes carry diseases like West Nile virus and Malaria that can be dangerous.

Personal mosquito repellants can help in the short term, but it’s vital to reduce the population in order to reduce the risk of these diseases spreading. That means using trusted Suamico mosquito control that targets areas where they lay eggs, as well as treating around the home to reduce existing populations. A comprehensive approach like this focuses on reducing and repelling mosquitoes for more robust protection.

Suamico, WI, Tick Control

Like mosquitoes, ticks are a common problem in Suamico for both humans and pets, as they can carry diseases through their bites and multiply quickly. In fact, the ticks that carry Lyme Disease lay over 3,000 eggs at a time, making Suamico tick control even more vital.

A tick barrier treatment is an effective way to manage this risk by reducing them at their breeding ground and then creating a perimeter of protection around your home. Combined with the use of tick tubes, which carry treatment back to nests, there are ways to reduce ticks around your home.

Suamico, WI, Mosquito Squad

Mosquito Squad is proud to call itself the first mosquito control company, going back to 2005 when we began offering services. Our goal is total pest control for your family, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you don’t see the promised results, we will come back and reapply treatment, free of charge.

Our services are comprehensive in every sense of the word. That means we tackle a range of pests, not just mosquitoes, and that we treat them in both proactive and reactive manners. We also offer control methods tailored to all seasons, even the harsh Wisconsin winter.

Spider Control in Suamico, WI

Spiders pose a unique issue for Suamico residents: they actually help control some bug populations while being pests themselves. Venomous spiders carry their own risk, and some people have a deep fear of these eight-legged creatures.

Mosquito Squad Suamico’s spider control services take all of this into account. We will work to reduce spider populations around your home so that you can maintain peace of mind.

Flea & Gnat Control in Suamico, WI 

Fleas are often considered a concern for pets, but they can transmit disease to humans just as often. Pets are often the vector for fleas, so treating them is important, but you can also use barrier treatments from Mosquito Squad Suamico to prevent infestations.

The same is true for fleas’ annoying cousins–gnats. Keeping them off of pets and out of your home is a top priority for us when designing treatments.

Mosquito Squad in Suamico, WI

No matter what pest is causing you concern, Mosquito Squad in Suamico, WI is here to help. Sign up today to find the right treatment for you!


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