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If you are searching for pest control in Malone, WI, count on Mosquito Squad for effective mosquito control, tick control, spider control, and ant control.

Malone Mosquito Control 

Mosquitoes in Malone can be a real pain! You can put a dent in their population by making sure there isn’t any standing water in your yard, but sometimes you need something a little more powerful to really feel a difference. Professional pest control might be exactly what you need. Our mosquito control treatments can reduce mosquito populations by up to 85-90% for up to 3 weeks. We will work with you and tailor the program to your needs.

Malone Mosquito Squad

At Mosquito Squad of Malone, we are so confident in our effective treatments that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee (terms and conditions apply). If you aren’t happy with the results after 21 days, we’ll provide another treatment without charge.

Malone Tick Control

Ticks are small parasitic bugs that latch onto hosts for up to ten days at a time. When they are latched, they feed on the host’s blood. Unfortunately, this exchange can lead to the transmission

of disease. It’s important to thoroughly check your body for ticks after being outside and to remove any ticks you find as soon as possible. 

You can prevent ticks with our dual protection barrier treatment, which fights both ticks and mosquitoes. This entails a technician analyzing your yard for tick breeding hotspots and targeting them with a tick control treatment while also putting up a barrier of protection around your home with tick tubes.

Malone Spider Control 

Most spiders in Wisconsin aren’t dangerous to humans, but they can still be irritating. While a small population of pest-eating spiders is good for the ecosystem around your home, nobody wants to host a full house. This occurs most often in colder months when spiders seek warmth in the dark corners of your home. Calling Mosquito Squad before this point can help ensure that spiders stay outside where they belong.

Malone Boxelder Bug Control 

Boxelder bugs resemble roaches that can harm trees. They leave behind stains that are difficult to clean out. They’re also the favorite snacks of other, larger pests like spiders and rats, so their presence can lead to further infestations. Since 2005, we’ve been using our protective

barrier treatment to control and reduce pests like boxelder bugs, saving you lots of time and energy.

Malone Ants/Fire Ants Control

When venomous ants bite, they cause a stinging sensation followed by bumps that turn into blisters. Though usually not a huge issue, these bites can sometimes cause life-threatening allergic reactions. Mosquito Squad of Malone, WI, deals with ant infestations with an ant control treatment that reduces ant populations. Then, we use baits, broadcast granules, and a drench for the rest of the colony, all of which provide lasting ant control.

Malone Pest Control 

There are a lot of options when it comes to pest control in Malone, WI. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments, from traditional mosquito control treatments to natural

alternatives. We also offer treatments that can be applied prior to special events. Our treatments are proven to be effective and can help turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis. 

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