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Spring Yard Clean Up Checklist

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

We may still be feeling the chills of winter lingering in the Brainerd Lakes Area but signs of spring are all around us. Robins are out and about hunting for worms, spots of green grass are beginning to push through and if you’re like us, sightings of bears in your yard are happening in Nisswa, MN already (yes, we recently saw a black bear in our backyard)!

Many of us Minnesotans in St. Cloud and Brainerd are getting out as warmer weather strikes to get our yards cleaned up. We thought what better way to help our customers get ready for the arrival of Mosquito Squad than to help create a yard clean up checklist for them.

Trimming trees and shrubs, and cleaning up your plant beds can get your Breezy Point, Crosslake, Brainerd or St. Cloud properties ready for mosquito and tick season. As you clean up your property, you will find areas of standing water from the snow melt that can hold mosquito larvae that will pose potential threats to your family.

Top Five Spring Clean Up Checklist

  1. Trees and Shrubs - Prune away branches or shrubs that may have been damaged from cold, snow or wind. You want to prune these back to the live stems using a hand saw or a lopper for smaller branches. Mosquitoes spend the most time on the underside of leaves to get out of the sun, by trimming your trees, you’ll help reduce the area mosquitoes can harbor.
  1. Divide Perennials and Fill In Empty Space - As soon as the soil has thawed, dig up perennials, such as hostas to thin crowded beds. Divide them leaving at least three root stems per clump and replant them in sparse areas throughout your landscaping beds. Lavender is a beautiful perennial herb that will not only add color to your flower beds but will also add a touch of protection as this plant can be a deterrent to mosquitoes.
  1. Clean Up Around Plant Beds - Rake out the fallen leaves and any dead foliage to avoid hosting disease or smothering plants, pull up perished annuals to make room for new plants and remove old mulch to prepare to freshen up for a new layer. Cleaning up your plant beds can also help reduce your tick population as this is typically an area where ticks harbor, to prey on bunnies, mice and birds.
  1. Prep Damaged Lawn Areas - Salt and plows can damage turf close to your driveway or roads. Remove those areas and to stop spread of disease and prep for spring seeding which will follow in the weeks with warmer weather.
  1. Straighten Up Paths and Patios - Rake and replace any gravel or sand from pathways that may have fallen in the grassy areas. If any pavers have been put out of place due to snow plowing or the freeze thaw cycle, remove the pavers and replace base material before settling them back in.

With these five checklist to-do’s you’ll feel ready for spring weather and ready for Mosquito Squad to arrive at your property to treat mosquitoes and ticks! To learn more about our Barrier Treatment Program, give our office a call at 218-829-9342 or Get a Free Quote through our website!