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Andrea De Bleeckere Profile Image

Andrea De Bleeckere

(September 18, 2023)

"I purchased heavy wooded lots with my grandma's inheritance for camping. The lots were heavily infested with mosquitos (Purchased in the fall, so it was a gamble and we are by wetlands, so of course) to the point were any projects we had outside made it miserable (Eaten Alive)-we have dogs that like to lick and next thing you know they all got sick from bug spray (All are fine now, but will never do that again). So, wait for the windy days to go camping, so you do not get eaten you say…Yup, did that and as soon as the wind stopped, I would have 20 if not more surrounding me. Look like I had chicken pox. Kids miserable and not leaving the camper, etc. We had a family camping trip planned at the end of August, we were planning for and thought it is not going to be fun with all of us hiding in our campers. I called mosquito squad, expecting to either hear we can’t go that far, prices are too high, so excuse on this not working out. To my surprise their prices were affordable, they were able to meet my deadline, and I could not believe it. I was sitting outside CAMPING (Not 1 mosquito) after months of suffering (I cried in happiness)!! I am just mad at myself I did not call them sooner. I highly recommended them and you will not regret it."

Tammy Hiller Profile Image

Tammy Hiller

(September 14, 2023)

"Very friendly."

Rick Smallman Profile Image

Rick Smallman

(August 30, 2023)

"Efficient and on time. Who could ask for any more?"

Deb Cervantez Profile Image

Deb Cervantez

(August 29, 2023)

"We are usually unable to enjoy our yard during the summer due to ticks and mosquitoes. With treatments for both this year we were able to enjoy our outside space to the fullest. Technicians were prompt and professional. We will definitely use them year after year!"

Denise DeJuliannie Profile Image

Denise DeJuliannie

(August 28, 2023)

"Residing in Minnesota, where summer is short and precious, nobody wants to contend with bothersome mosquitoes. Fortunately, Mosquito Squad comes to the rescue! Since their initial treatment, we've been able to relish our yard well into the evenings this summer, with hardly any pesky mosquitoes to bother us. I wholeheartedly endorse their services, which are both professional and punctual, delivering an exceptional experience!"

Carissa Miller Profile Image

Carissa Miller

(August 23, 2023)

"Did a great job! Sprayed very fast, very friendly! Massive area to fog for my wedding and they were in and out in no time!"

Jean Harder Profile Image

Jean Harder

(August 21, 2023)

"Great job Joe! Very thorough! Very happy"

B Bergs Profile Image

B Bergs

(August 14, 2023)

"We have been using Mosquito Squad this summer. Last year we could hardly stand to be in our backyard because the mosquitoes were so thick. This year they have not been a problem at all. I am very pleased with the results."