Science Behind Powerful, More Targeted Mosquito Control

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Science Behind Powerful, More Targeted Mosquito Control

December 20, 2023

A recent scientific discovery alludes to the future of a more powerful and targeted mosquito control formula that does not affect bees or other pollinators.

Over the last decade or more, genetics have been at the forefront. From finding relatives online via DNA submissions to solving decades-long crimes to groundbreaking discoveries in pests, such as mosquitoes – genetics studies are commencing to improve our lives.

One such study has resulted in an important finding about how mosquitoes go from eggs to larvae to adults. When compared to fruit flies, it has been found that mosquitoes are missing a crucial genetic transponder protein, which allows them to grow into reproducing adults. One scientist believes that this finding could lead us to better solutions for targeting disease-carrying mosquitoes, basically turning them into Peter Pan – meaning they will never mature or reproduce.

New Hendersonville Mosquito Control on the Horizon?

Perhaps. As with any scientific finding, which leads us to further experimentation with new mosquito-fighting formulas, time will tell. It is believed that we will eventually have an opportunity to provide a much more mosquito-targeted Hendersonville mosquito control, which does not harm other essential pollinators. It is believed that by homing in on the mosquitoes’ lack of the essential transponder with future mosquito control formulas, other flying insects will remain unaffected.

Highly Effective Mosquito Control is Here Now.

While the future of mosquito control formulas is being studied and tested around the globe, what is most important to you, our reader, is that effective mosquito control is here now at your fingertips. Mosquito Squad of Nashville offers ample solutions to help keep your family safer from the threat of disease-carrying mosquitoes. From College Grove mosquito control to Hendersonville mosquito control, and all points in between, including Brentwood mosquito control, trust the experts to protect your family from the threat of disease-carrying mosquitoes.

We Offer a Variety of Mosquito Protection Formulas and Services.

Not only does Mosquito Squad of Nashville offer an EPA-registered mosquito barrier protection treatment, we also have a natural mosquito control yard spray for those, who seek naturalingredients. Each of these formulas is applied to your property in rotation, every two or three weeks, depending on your ideal schedule. Additionally, we offer specialized services, such as mosquito misting systems and special event mosquito control sprays. No matter your need for protection, your full-service solution awaits!

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