How many ticks in TN carry Lyme disease?

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Of the ticks in TN, there is only one tick that carries Lyme disease. The black-legged tick, commonly referred to as the deer tick.

But the question, “How many ticks in Tennessee carry Lyme disease,” can be answered in more than one way. One study from a multi-county tick survey proved that about 10% of black legged ticks in Tennessee carried the infection that causes Lyme disease. In other areas of the country, like the Northeast, 50% or more of the tick population carry Lyme bacteria.

Lyme Disease Tennessee is the 3rd Most Prevalent Tick-Borne Illness

Due to the low percentage of Lyme bacteria-carrying black-legged ticks, Lyme disease in Tennessee is not as common as other tick-borne diseases, like Spotted Fever Rickettsioses and ehrlichiosis, which are numbers one and two, respectively.

Lyme Disease Cases in Tennessee Decreased in 2022

There were 30 reported cases of Lyme disease in Tennessee in 2022, which is a significant drop from the previous year. That does not mean that Lyme disease Tennessee is of no concern. A study from 2012 to 2022 shows that 94% of confirmed cases of Lyme disease Tennessee were from the middle and eastern part of our state. And with growing populations of black-legged ticks, there too could be a rise in the number of Lyme infection cases in Tennessee. We must be vigilant when hiking, camping, or spending the day outdoors at our homes. Wearing protective clothing and using personal tick repellent are two ways to put a barrier between yourself and Lyme infection, but that’s not all!

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