Do we have ticks in Tennessee in the fall?

Tennessee Fall

Ticks are not ready to pack it in just yet. We do have ticks in Tennessee in the fall.

Not only that, but when ticks do go away for winter, they do not die. Adult female ticks will scrounge for a food source this time of year, so they can nest away beneath leaf litter, or wood piles, or wherever it is they prefer to burrow. Why do they require this meal? So they can fertilize their eggs and bring forth new generations of blood-suckers next spring! And just to remind you, the food source is your blood. Or your kid’s blood or your dog’s blood. Don’t fall prey to hungry ticks in Tennessee this autumn.

Hungry autumn ticks require effective autumn tick control.

Don’t fret – Mosquito Squad of Nashville has all your fall tick control needs covered. Expound on how tick control will offer year-round protection. You might not require regular tick and mosquito yard sprays this fall, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego tick protection altogether. Mosquito Squad of Nashville can keep your yard protected all year long with our highly effective tick tubes. These treated-cotton-filled, biodegradable tubes are enticing to rodents, who are looking for materials to carry back to their nests. The treated cotton accommodates this need, and when packed back to rodent residences, any squatter ticks will be eliminated. What’s more, the tick fighting treatment will also be on the rodent’s body. If a tick attempts to latch, it too will be eliminated. And none of this is harmful to the rodent!

Tips for keeping fall ticks away from your home and family.

You can help keep your family safe from the threat of potentially diseased ticks too, who are out for blood. These tips even apply to your chosen fall décor.

  • Keep leaves raked well – bag them up and haul them away.
  • Use faux gourds for decoration, so wild animals don’t come to feast at your door, brining with them nasty ticks.
  • Perform thorough tick checks on your whole family, including pets, after outdoor fall activities, like hiking, camping, or playing in leaf piles.
  • Hire Mosquito Squad of Nashville to seal the deal!

Don’t allow fall Tennessee ticks to invade your yard and home. Call on Mosquito Squad of Nashville for Nashville tick control. Contact us at 615-492-3662.

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