When Should I Start My Tick Control Service?

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Truthfully, Tennessee ticks can be on the move just about any time of year. Typically, the best time to start your tick control service is in the spring.

We typically begin serving our mosquito and tick control clients around April here in Tennessee. That is not to say that it should not begin earlier. Early springtime weather might mean an earlier start to your tick control service. It’s better to be prepared, and we can help.

And for those of you, who chose to protect your property with year-long tick control, good on you! Your tick control sprays should also begin with the start of warm springtime weather.

Call Mosquito Squad Now to Get on Our Brentwood Tick Control Schedule

While it is true that the best time to thwart emerging Tennessee ticks is in the springtime, did you know that with Mosquito Squad of Nashville, tick control never has to end? Our proprietary tick control tubes are fantastic for interrupting the tick life cycle by hitting them where they hide in the fall and winter.

Our restaurant mosquito control is also our foundation for restaurant tick control. In addition to spraying for ticks in the springtime, summer, and early fall, we strategically place biodegradable tick tubes in areas where ticks are most likely to frequent. This powerfully effective Brentwood tick control solution will help control troublesome ticks that are close to the ground – from leaf piles to wooded areas, and shrubs outlining your periphery.

Trust Mosquito Squad of Nashville for all your Brentwood tick control needs. Contact us at (615) 492-3662.

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