Plan for Your Special Event Mosquito Control

A picture of party decorations

There is no time like the present to get your springtime event and party planning underway.

The winter holidays are behind us, and springtime is on our minds. And with the emergence of spring comes the emergence of mosquitoes. They will make themselves comfortable at your outdoor event, invited or not. They will converge on the scene at your restaurant patio, nagging and biting your patrons. Plan ahead with Mosquito Squad of Nashville to allay unwanted guests, or um, pests this spring!

Choose Mosquito Squad for Your Restaurant Mosquito Control or Backyard Mosquito Control for Your Next Big Event

Especially as we enterwarmer weather where mosquito conditions will be more prevalent and the bite barometer will be on the rise, restaurants with outdoor seating and dining areas will be smart to provide the protection their patrons deserve. There is nothing more detrimental to dining enjoyment than to suddenly feel the light touch of a mosquito landing only to swat it and discover a drop of newly extracted blood on your exposed leg or arm. Talk about a killjoy. Yuck.

A permanent solution for trusted restaurant mosquito control for dining and cocktail outdoor spaces with a seemingly unrelenting mosquito problem such as lakeside areas, our automatic misting system may be a very wise investment for patron protection. Likewise, our traditional mosquito barrier treatment applied every 21 days before your guests arrive is another terrific option for dependable control.

Speaking about dining and partying outdoors, protecting your backyard parties – graduation parties, gender reveal parties, baby showers, and everyday barbeques – can become an even more joyful experience without the fear and nuisance of mosquito bites – not to mention that unnerving buzzing sound their wings make as they navigate around your head and shoulders.

Trust Mosquito Squad of Nashville for all your mosquito control needs. Contact us at (615) 492-3662.

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