Posted by Mosquito Squad

May 28, 2015

What is a perimeter yard mist for ticks? You may be familiar with our barrier treatment for mosquitoes, but did you know that it also eliminates adult ticks? There’s no need to buy a special mist. Spraying for ticks is just one part of Mosquito Squad’s two step process in eliminating ticks from your yard and preventing the spread of Lyme Disease.

Step 1: Perimeter Tick Spray

Adult ticks like to hang out in moist shady areas making wooded and dense brush areas an obvious place to live. Ticks also like to hide in tall grass, leaf piles, compost piles, and along the base of fences and brick walls. Our tick mist is applied to standing vegetation, the perimeter of your property, 20 feet into the woods, cool shady places, tall grass, rock walls and any other opportunistic places for ticks to be questing – eliminating adult ticks on contact.

In addition to eliminating ticks on contact, the mist keeps on working for the next couple weeks. Using a proprietary micro encapsulated timed release formula,  your treatment continues to be effective for up to 21 days when we treat your property again. A more intensive mist frequency is also available even furthering the barrier treatment effectiveness.

When Mosquito Squad customers sign up for proactive protection throughout the season, we make it easy. We schedule your treatments for the entire season, let you know when we’re coming, and show up when we say. We can treat small yards, larger properties, outdoor venues, and even horse barns and pool areas.

Step 2: Tick Tubes

In the nymph (infant) stage, ticks live in dens with rodents such as white footed mice. Ticks feed on the disease-carrying mice where they may become carriers of various tick-borne diseases. It’s important to note that not every tick is disease carrying as not all rodents are carriers.

Our objective is to fight the transmission of tick-borne diseases from the beginning – in the rodent dens. Mosquito Squad has an innovative tick tube service. Tick tubes are biodegradable tubes with treated cotton inside. When placed by our applicators, mice collect the cotton for their nests. The nymph ticks who hide out in mouse dens are then exposed to the treated cotton and eliminated before ever having a chance to find a human food source.

We focus on ticks at the different stages of their life cycle and in all the different places they hide on your property.

Contact us to sign up today! We look forward to protecting your property this season and for many seasons to come.