Posted by Mosquito Squad

February 6, 2018

Don’t let this April Fool’s snow storm fool you. Mosquito season is still just around the corner. Even under snow, mosquito larvae is ever-present just waiting for the warm temperatures to melt the snow and kick-start mosquito larvae on it’s journey to becoming adult.

Did you know that without water mosquitoes would be incapable of multiplying? Every female mosquito requires moisture to lay her eggs. The amount of moisture needed for a female to lay her eggs can be minimal. A female mosquito will lay her eggs in any standing water, such as the edges of flower pots and puddles or even in a soda cap. A mosquito will even lay her eggs on the water’s edge and the eggs will lay dormant until the water rises, such is the case with creeks and ponds. Mosquito eggs can even lay dormant under extreme conditions such as snow and ice.

The incubation period of the mosquito from egg stage to adult depends on the species of the mosquito and the temperature. In most cases it is 10-14 days, although certain species have adapted to complete this cycle in as few as four days. There are more than 2500 species of mosquitoes throughout the world, and each has it’s specific species characteristics.

Even though the brain of the mosquito is about the same size as this . (period), it has been doing it’s best to outsmart humans and spread disease for centuries. Don’t let mosquitoes outsmart you this season , give Mosquito Squad of Leominster a call and we can advise you on the best game plan to stay mosquito free this season.