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Littleton, VA's quiet beauty is one of the best parts about living here. Unfortunately, that woodsy charm comes with a downside: mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests. Fortunately, Mosquito Squad has what you need to find relief.

Spider Control in Littleton, VA

Spiders love to find dark corners in your home, especially during the fall and winter. While most species, including common house spiders, wolf spiders, and orb weavers, are harmless, they can still be startling to come across unexpectedly. Meanwhile, there are venomous species in Littleton - namely, the brown recluse and the black widow - that can cause some serious health issues. Because of this, it makes sense that you might prioritize spider control as part of your winter preparation plans. With Mosquito Squad's protective barrier treatment, your home will be less appealing to spiders, so encounters occur a lot less often.

Mosquito Control in Littleton, VA

If mosquitoes didn't expend so much energy trying to feed on our blood, they'd be a lot less annoying. Unfortunately, their need for nutrients isn't something they can overcome. Since their quest for sustenance runs counter to humans' desire to spend a non-itchy evening outdoors, we have developed a treatment that is effective at reducing mosquitoes for up to 21 days after application. We offer both traditional and natural mosquito control solutions, each of which can result in a reduction in mosquitoes by up to 85-90%.

Tick Control in Littleton, VA

A tiny enemy lies in wait among the tall grasses at the edge of your yard, hoping someone will pass by that they can crawl on and latch onto for a snack. Both pets and humans appeal to ticks, which is why checking for ticks after spending time outdoors is important. This preventative tactic is best supplemented with professional pest control for a robust defense. Our targeted treatments interrupt the tick breeding cycle and reduces adult ticks. With Mosquito Squad in charge of tick control for your home, you'll be a lot less vulnerable to tick-borne diseases like Lyme, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Southern tick-associated rash illness (STARI), and others.

Why Mosquito Squad of Littleton, VA?

With nearly two decades of experience, we have what it takes to win the ongoing battle against bugs. Not only do our treatments really work, but a technician will work with you to figure out the best option for your particular needs. In case of any uncertainty, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (terms and conditions apply - see website).

Stink Bug Control in Littleton, VA

As the temperatures drop in Littleton, stink bugs begin searching for warmth inside homes. Though they are harmless, there's definitely a reason for their names! To keep these bothersome pests at bay, it's crucial to ensure your home is well-sealed. Once preventative sealing has occurred, consider professional stink bug treatments from Mosquito Squad to shore up your defenses. Our treatment spray forms an invisible barrier that repels stink bugs, prompting them to seek shelter elsewhere.

Chigger and Clover Mite Control in Littleton, VA

Chiggers and clover mites, while not disease carriers, can still be pretty annoying to have around despite their tiny size. Chiggers cause itchy rashes, while clover mites leave reddish-brown stains wherever they go. It's understandable why anyone would want them to go! Mosquito Squad can help with effective treatments that make your home less hospitable to both chiggers and clove mites

Mosquito Squad in Littleton, VA  

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