Great news! Your quest for excellent pest control stops here. Mosquito Squad helps protect your family from pests, including spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, and more.

Spider Control in Blackstone, VA

Spiders are a common sight in many Blackstone homes, especially during colder weather. While most are harmless, their presence may be upsetting to many. Even helpful spiders that control other pests can become unwelcome houseguests when you keep finding them in cabinets or walking into their sticky webs. If you're looking to prevent spiders from taking up residence in your Virginia home, consider Mosquito Squad. We'll work with you to come up with a treatment plan to build a barrier of protection around the outside of your home, preventing spiders from getting in.

Blackstone, VA, Mosquito Control

Is summer in Blackstone turning into a battle against mosquitos? Many people will have an allergic reaction to mosquitoes so that bites turn into itchy red bumps. Additionally, mosquitoes are known to carry dozens of diseases. Instead of staying inside to hide, retake control of your backyard with Mosquito Squad! Our mosquito control treatments can reduce up to 85-90% of these pests for up to 21 days after application, allowing you to enjoy your evenings outside again. Choose from our traditional barrier treatment or our natural, essential oil-based alternative. Both options are proven effective and give you relief from mosquitoes for up to 21 days.

Tick Control for Blackstone, VA

In Blackstone, ticks are as present, and as much of a health risk, as they are throughout the rest of the United States. Different species, including deer ticks (the most common), dog ticks, and lone star ticks, carry different diseases. The most well-known is Lyme disease, but other diseases include babesiosis, Powassan virus, anaplasmosis, and more.

The good news is that these diseases are preventable, and Mosquito Squad can help. When one of our technicians comes to your house, they'll quickly analyze the parts of your yard where ticks are most likely to gather. These are the areas that get the most aggressive treatment, though the treatment will create a protective barrier around the whole house. That way, you can sleep soundly, knowing that tick-borne diseases are less of a threat.

Why Mosquito Squad of Blackstone, VA?

Life in Blackstone without unwanted pests is possible. Mosquito Squad offers more than just a more peaceful backyard; we provide peace of mind. Our trained technicians use proven treatments to target not just mosquitoes but also ticks and other invaders. With a commitment to top-quality service, we help keep your outdoor space an oasis, rather than a bug-filled battleground.

Blackstone, VA, Ant Control

Tiny ants marching across your counters in search of crumbs can be a real nuisance. Professional pest control can take the pressure off by making a big dent in the population of existing ant colonies while preventing future infestations. When tackling an ant problem, Mosquito Squad of Blackstone utilizes a multi-pronged approach. We target both the worker ants you see scouting for food and carrying it back home, as well as the rest of the colony within the nest. We are dedicated to thorough, high-quality treatment that will help make the line of ants on your windowsill a nightmare of the past. 

Asian Beetle Control in Blackstone, VA

While many confuse them for their more beloved ladybug cousins, Asian beetles can become a real nuisance in the fall and winter. Unlike ladybugs with two distinct black spots on their red backs, Asian beetles may be red, but could also be orange or even yellow. The best way to identify them is a shape resembling an "M" on the top of their heads. 

Why are Asian beetles a problem? Not only do they bite, but in the wintertime, they love to crowd into the warmth of your home. They can squeeze through tiny cracks and become trapped indoors, leaving unpleasant stains on walls if accidentally crushed. They can also emit a foul odor. 

Mosquito Squad in Blackstone, VA

We're proud of our work here at Mosquito Squad, and it shows. Customers appreciate the different options we offer, from traditional to natural mosquito control, as well as our top-tier customer service. But what truly sets Mosquito Squad apart is our proven track record. Since 2005, we've helped families across the country say good riddance to mosquitoes and other pests. Our effective treatments are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee (terms and conditions apply), so you can rest assured you're making a smart choice. Don't let pests get in your way – contact Mosquito Squad for a free quote today at (434) 202-6451.



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