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Looking for a great, reliable pest control company? The search stops here! Mosquito Squad of Buggs Island can help you take care of mosquitoes, ticks, and other irritating pests.

Spider Control on Buggs Island, VA

Many people are frightened of spiders, especially well-known venomous spiders, like black widows and brown recluses. It’s true that the bites from these two species can be painful, but for the most part, spiders are harmless to humans. Still, while most spiders in Virginia aren't harmful, their presence can be bothersome. 

You’re most likely to find spiders around your house during colder months when they seek warmth indoors. They sneak in through gaps, like under doors or through small holes you may not even notice. Mosquito Squad can help you manage your spider problem with a treatment that creates a barrier of protection outside your home so spiders can’t sneak through.

Mosquito Control near Buggs Island, VA

When mosquitoes bite, they leave behind red, itchy bumps that can be difficult to ignore. However, it’s possible to enjoy the beauty of Buggs Island without unwanted visitors. With Mosquito Squad’s traditional treatment, we interrupt the mosquito life cycle as well as reduce adult mosquito populations. If you’re looking for something more natural, we also have an option for those who live an organic lifestyle.

Tick Control on Buggs Island

Ticks are more than just annoying pests – they're tiny blood-sucking parasites known to transmit disease to their hosts, humans and pets alike. That's why it's crucial to check yourself thoroughly after spending time outdoors and promptly remove any ticks you find. But why leave it to chance when you can tackle the issue head-on with Mosquito Squad's dual protection barrier treatment? Not only does it target mosquitoes, but it's also highly effective against ticks. Our trained specialists analyze your yard for tick hotspots and apply a targeted treatment, disrupting their reproductive cycle and reducing the risk of tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease and Powassan virus. While DIY efforts like clearing leaf litter and tall grass help, our treatment offers unparalleled peace of mind against these pesky intruders.

Why Mosquito Squad of Buggs Island, VA?

What makes Mosquito Squad stand out? Well, our track record speaks for itself. With our proven effective barrier treatment, we can reduce mosquitoes in your yard by up to 85 to 90% for up to three weeks after just one application. Having completed over 2 million treatments to over 300,000 families nationwide, we're confident in our results. Plus, we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (terms and conditions apply), so you know that when it comes to pests, we mean business. 

Chigger and Clover Mite Control near Buggs Island, VA

Chiggers, which are tiny arachnids usually found in grassy and shaded areas, can cause itchy rashes with their bites, though they don't transmit diseases in North America. Even still, their bites are uncomfortable. Similarly, clover mites, common in spring, don't transmit diseases but can be bothersome, leaving reddish-brown stains on surfaces when they crawl around. Fortunately, Mosquito Squad's barrier treatment effectively targets chiggers and clover mites. We’ll work with you and come up with a tailored treatment plan that keeps both chiggers and clover mites from laying as many eggs.

Gnat Control on Buggs Island

Gnats are small flying insects that thrive in dampness. They especially love places like drains and pipes, where they and their offspring can feed off the buildup of bacteria. A single gnat is capable of laying hundreds of eggs in just days. They’re not just annoying but can cause health risks by compromising the sanitation of your home. Dealing with them requires a multi-pronged approach, such as flushing your drains regularly with boiling water. For more comprehensive protection, consider professional gnat control from your local Buggs Island Mosquito Squad. We can attack the problem at its source and help ensure that gnats aren’t bugging you. 

Mosquito Squad near Buggs Island, VA 

Finding a trustworthy pest control company can be tough, but Mosquito Squad of Buggs Island, VA, checks all the boxes: effective treatments, reliable service, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. So, if you're tired of battling mosquitoes and other pests, reach out today for a free quote! You can call us at (434) 202-6451 or contact us online.



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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