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Lake Country Mosquito Control

Mosquito, tick and spider control in Lake Gaston, Kerr Lake and surrounding counties in Virginia and North Carolina

Mosquitoes should never be the deciding factor in your outdoor enjoyment. While mosquito bites are irritating, they can represent so much more than discomfort. These creatures are known to carry and spread diseases. If you find yourself being eaten alive while outside, enlist the help of Mosquito Squad of Lake Country today! Our tick and mosquito control teams serve all over Lake Country, including Bracey, Lake Gaston, South Hill, Littleton, Henrico, Gasburg, Blackstone, Kerr Lake (also known as Buggs Island) and Clarksville. We are here to help you be bite-free this season. Receive a free estimate for our mosquito treatment services when you call (434) 226-5530!

In 2005, Mosquito Squad introduced one of the most effective mosquito control techniques ever created. The Protective Barrier Treatment has helped over 300,000 families regain control and find a new level of enjoyment in their yard. Our treatment plans work so well that they will help you get through an entire season bite-free. Additionally, if you need to protect guests during a special event, we are ready to accomplish an effective one-time spray 24-48 hours before the event. Our specialists proudly provide tick, mosquito, midge, and spider control services to families throughout Lake Country, including southern Virginia and parts of North Carolina, from Buggs Island/Kerr Lake to Lake Gaston. Stop fighting bugs with weak repellents and smelly candles and turn the Squad to make mosquitoes know who owns your yard.

For professional tick and mosquito control, give us a call at (434) 226-5530 or contact us online today.

About Mosquito Squad of Lake Country

Say Good Riddance to Mosquitoes

For Mosquito Squad of Lake Country, mosquito control is more than just a job—it’s a passion. Our highly trained technicians are ready to use their extensive experience to rid your property of bugs quickly. Every home is different, so we’ll create a tailored solution for yours. Once we find areas that mosquitoes will love, we create a protective barrier around your home that makes it hard for new bugs to enter.

Our Mantra: Passion. Service. Education. Giving.

Our yard treatments work against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, midges, and even spiders! We guarantee that you will see up to a 90% decrease in bugs around your house or we will come back at no cost to you for a respray. In addition to our 100% satisfaction guarantee throughout Lake Country, we also take responsibility and safety a priority. All our products are produced with EPA-registered products. The fun doesn’t have to stop because of our tick and mosquito treatment—your family only needs to wait for 30 minutes after our visit to continue their outdoor fun. From Buggs Island/Kerr Lake to Lake Gaston, to Chase City, our mosquito control specialists are here for you!

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