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Warm weather means sunshine and barbecues, long, relaxing days by the lake and even longer nights out by the bonfire. It also means pests. Though most homeowners take measures to prevent mosquitoes and ticks, many forget about the more elusive yet still pesky ants, fleas, no see ums, gnats and more. No matter how small or seemingly harmless an insect is, it still has the potential to make your life just a little less enjoyable. Don't let something as insignificant as a flea or gnat ruin your sunny mood. Call Mosquito Squad of Huntsville to discuss comprehensive pest control solutions today.


If you're tired of ants crashing your parties and spiders giving you a good scare, it may be time to amp up your pest control services. From ant control to flea control, Mosquito Squad of Huntsville - Northern Alabama offers convenient and affordable packages. The Squad Plus package takes care of the following options:

• SQUAD PLUS - Additional protection to the following choice listed below that we apply to your outdoor living space during our traditional barrier treatment

• ANT - Ants are bothersome in the south, whether you are sitting out back after a long day or walking from the house to your pool, let us reduce that aggravation by getting rid of 85%-90% of those aggravating ants.

• GNAT - Gnats are not only annoying by landing in your drink or trying to fly up your nose, they also can cause your pets discomfort. Our gnat service offers a significant reduction in you gnat population. We will also identify the issues causing the infestation so that they can be removed for added protection.

• SPIDER - Let us ease your arachnid anxiety with our spider control. We know how anxiety-inducing this can be for just about anyone, so we’re very thorough about our spider control methods. We treat the entire exterior of your home with our barrier treatment from the ground all the way up to the eaves. We even make sure to get other spider hangouts like under your deck. Of course, spiders are quite messy creatures that come with a lot of webby “baggage," so once they are knocked down, Mosquito Squad cleans up the mess left behind as well.

• FLEA - Not only are they a nuisance they also carry vector borne illness that can be harmful to your family and pets.In addition to our traditional mosquito barrier treatment protocol of applying our odorless and colorless EPA-registered solution to foliage and other surfaces in your yard, we also treat the ground. Mosquito Squad’s flea control treatment includes an extra ingredient called “insect growth regulator.” As fleas grow, they shed their exoskeleton (much like reptiles molt their skin). Growth regulator prevents an insect from reaching maturity by interfering with the molting process. This curbs infestations because immature insects cannot reproduce. It also prevents flea eggs from hatching, thereby ceasing the life cycle. It usually takes a few treatments to eliminate an existing flea infestation, which is why we recommend signing up for season long flea control services, which are an add-on to a seasonal mosquito and tick barrier treatment package.


• NO SEE UMS - No-see-ums. You might not be able to see ‘em, but you’ll know if you’ve got ‘em by their swarming clouds. Also known as sand flies or biting gnats, these tiny insects (Leptoconops torrens),belong to the family Ceratopogonidae, are only about 1-3 mm long and can cause all sorts of frustration, especially if they’ve decided to take up residence in your yard. They’re so tiny they can fit through your screens, and if you find yourself amid a cloud of them, while you’re flailing your arms around trying to get away from them, a few will probably get in your ears, nose, etc.

• PERIMETER - Our perimeter protection plan. Foundation, eaves, entryways and entry points of your home and outbuildings. Perimeter protection takes care of majority of your common invading bugs and insects that try to come in any time of year, such as but not limited to earwigs, pill bugs(rolly polly),american and oriental cockroaches, springtails, etc.

• SQUAD PLUS GOLD - Ant, Gnat, Spider, Flea and Perimeter applied to your property in addition to our Mosquito and Tick traditional barrier treatment
• SQUAD PLUS PLATINUM - Ant, Gnat, Spider, Flea and Perimeter, as well as one perimeter plus application once a month during the colder months


Make the most of the warmer months and invest in comprehensive pest control services today. Get the most bang for your buck with Squad Plus. Call Mosquito Squad of Huntsville - Northern Alabama at (256) 513-8425 to schedule your estimate today.


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