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    "Robert technician!"
    I forgot to mention Robert is my technician! Great job! Works extra hard in the broiling sun!
    "The Best ever"
    Having experienced Lyme disease, I was unable to enjoy outdoors! Mosquito Squad gave it back to me. So effective! No mosquitos, fleas, roaches, ants! Amazingly worth every penny. The customer service is gracious and will satisfy you.
    "Great results! Great customer service!!"
    As we all know when it begins to warm up mosquitoes begin to act up! I started using Mosquito Squad last year and had absolutely no issues with mosquitoes wish I would have called them sooner. I didn't wait this year! I got my first treatment this week to get a head start and the technician that came out was Corey, he was so professional and thorough. You have a lifetime customer!!!
    Shayna D
    I've had nothing but great results from the guys at Mosquito Squad of Huntsville. I was looking for a way to just knock back the incessant mosquitos that made the backyard unlivable for hours at a time. After a couple of treatments from these guys, I literally went through the entire season without a single bite. I was amazed. If you enjoy outdoor living, this is the way to do it without constantly battling mosquitos and itching all night. Highly Recommended!
    Guy McCullough
    We are on the third month of using Mosquito Squad and all we can say is —-“unbelievable!” We simply find it hard to believe that we are able sit outdoors again without being mosquito targets! We are waiting to see if the summer months hold up, but if what we are experiencing now is a indication, bravo in advance Mosquito Squad! Thanks!
    Jodi W.
    "We are now firm believers in the effectiveness of Mosquito Squad’s services!"
    I really hate to admit it, but ever since we moved into our home 2 years ago we have had a roach problem. No matter how much we sprayed inside and out we could not get rid of them. Once Mosquito Squad began spraying our yard, not only was our yard free of mosquitoes (which was previously so infested with mosquitoes that it was unusable from April to October) but the roaches are gone! We were skeptical but we are now firm believers in the effectiveness of Mosquito Squad’s services
    Eric & Melissa
    "It’s like having a screen over the whole property"
    We live on a heavily wooded hillside in a neighborhood that restricts construction of screened patios. We thought we would never be able to be outside with our kids without getting bit. Thanks to Mosquito Squad, we can enjoy being outside without the mosquitoes. It’s like having a screen over the whole property. Thanks Mosquito Squad!!
    John D
    "We were amazed at the difference."
    The day after our first spray we just couldn’t believe it. We were amazed at the difference. We have gone from chasing mosquitoes around the house after just opening the door, to hardly a bug in site. We can now do all the things in our yard that we couldn’t do before. We are thrilled!!
    Cindy Hosea
    "This is our third year using them"
    They are great. They come when they say. They will find places of standing water. You can actually sit outside during the muggy summer and not get bit. This is our third year using them.
    "This service has to be one of the most incredible in Huntsville! "
    This service has to be one of the most incredible in Huntsville! We have a treed lot. And when you live in the south and you mix trees with the summer heat your property becomes a mosquito haven. We have fought mosquitoes for years. They literally devour my poor daughter everytime she steps into the backyard. The mosquitoes have been so bad in our backyard that it has made hosting summer BBQs miserable for the guests. We gave Mosquito Squad a try last year and it is FANTASTIC!! We have enjoyed our backyard again. We do not get bit, more importantly my children do not get bit, and we are not spending our time in the backyard swatting bugs. We can sit on the back porch and watch our children play, enjoy BBQs, and just enjoy being outdoors again. The team at Mosquito Squad are incredibly professional. They always check your property for mosquito breeding spots and ensure they remove the problem. They vigorously spray and cover your yard efficiently removing all mosquito problems. They send a schedule of the exact day that they will be there and they always show up that day. They will reschedule ahead of time to account for rain. You never have to be home. The customer service is phenomenal! If you enjoy being outside and have a mosquito problem these are the guys that will professionally take care of your problem! Don't wait! Mosquito season is upon us. Call them today!
    "We have enjoyed using Mosquito Squad now for the past two years"
    We have enjoyed using Mosquito Squad now for the past two years, and they have been fantastic. We can now enjoy going outside during the summer nights.
    L. Rice
    "We are now able to enjoy sitting outside at dusk for the first time in years!!"
    "As a part of the County Medical Society’s Medical Response Team for disaster relief, I am well aware that mosquitoes are a major factor in spreading disease to humans in the form of the West Nile Virus and Malaria. Not only are they a threat to us but also our pets as mosquitoes are capable of transmitting Heart Worm disease. Personally, I have a heightened localized reaction to mosquito bites that sometimes boarders on a secondary infection. I’m not used to finding things that work as advertised, however the change in our yard after the initial spray was dramatic. We are now able to enjoy sitting outside at dusk for the first time in years!!"
    DR. JOHN