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Why not add some mosquito-repelling plants to your landscape this spring?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Why not add some mosquito-repelling plants to your landscape this spring?

December 20, 2023

Asian tiger mosquito Spring is in the air! It is evident in the longer days, warmer temperatures and yes, the emerging bounty of bulbs and buds just weeks away from providing an explosion of Spring color. Here in Montgomery County and Howard County MD, I have begun to see daffodils and tulips peeking out from the soil. This assures me that spring planting season is nearly in full swing. Many homeowners are making out their spring planting lists right now, of specific flowers and plants to add to either new or existing landscapes. With this in mind, wouldn’t it be wonderful to add selections that can provide you double the benefits and pleasure? This is possible by selecting plants, herbs and flowers that not only look the part in your landscape or garden, but will also help repel mosquitoes!

As Montgomery County and Howard County’s premier mosquito, tick and stinkbug prevention service, Mosquito Squad helps reduce and eradicate the presence of these fiendish foes all season long. In addition to providing cohesive control we also like to pass on knowledge we gain through our constant research and attention of nuisance insects. With this in mind, we have put together a list of some of the best “mosquito repelling” specimens perfect for adding color, charm, fragrance and the power to aid in keeping mosquitoes out of your landscape:

  • lavenderLavender:  There is nothing quite like having a patch of lavender planted close to your porch, or back door. Each time the wind blows your senses will come alive with the smell of this versatile plant. Prized for its aromatic benefits, and soft colors, lavender is very effective at repelling insects such as mosquitoes. In addition to use in the home, lavender is also known to reduce the severity of headaches. It also great in herbal tea!
  • Rosemary: This beautiful flowering herb is used in the garden and in the kitchen. It serves as a perfect addition to your herb garden or flowerbed to repel mosquitoes and deer — keeping what is eating you, and your garden, at bay!  And it even attracts butterflies!


  •  Geraniums: Since geraniums are an annual flowering plant adding these to your landscape, garden or on your deck or porch in containers is easy. They require less investment and commitment than flowering perennials and come in a host of species and colors — All of which, will repel mosquitoes!


  • tart​​​​​Peppermint, Lemon Balm & Basil – These herbs will not only add freedom and taste to food preparation, in the garden they serves as a powerful mosquito repellent because of their fragrance.
  • catCatnip – Yes, that hypnotic herb that makes your feline friend so happy can easily be grown in your landscape or garden. In addition to using it to indulge your cat, it also repels mosquitoes. In fact, in a 2010 study, researchers found that catnip is 10 times more effective than DEET, the ingredient commonly found in bug repellents.

dread with kidsThis is just a sample of the many plants that promise an extra layer of repellent against mosquitoes. Although these plants are all considered to be natural mosquito repellents, there are many variables in nature that could limit their effectiveness and results. This is why it is best to rely on the experts here at Mosquito Squad of Montgomery County and Howard County. Contact us today to learn more at (301) 888-5713.