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Mosquito Squad Gearing Up For 2012 Season

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Mosquito Squad Gearing Up For 2012 Season

December 20, 2023

What can our clients expect this season?

no mosquito

Elimination of mosquitoes, stink bugs and ticks from their backyard, outdoor living space, commercial property, or for a special outdoor event.

Excellent Customer Service

  • Just as in previous seasons, our clients will receive an email notification the day prior to their first application and subsequently thereafter. We promise to keep you informed and up-to-date on your treatments and when we’ll be treating your property.
  • Our service is 100% guaranteed. If at any time you feel that an application has lost its effectiveness, simply call our office (301) 888-5713 and we will schedule an additional treatment at no cost.
  • If you discover that the mosquitoes or stinkbugs are pestering you before mid-April, simply give us a call and we will be happy to complete a one time pre-season treatment for you at no cost! We ask that this treatment occur prior to April 15, 2012 so that it does not interfere with our seasonal customer’s regularly scheduled treatments.

A Variety of Packages/Solutions to fit your needs:

  • Standard Mosquito Barrier Treatment (every 21 days)
  • Platinum Mosquito Barrier Treatment (every 14 days)
  • Tick Tubes (twice per season)
  • Mosquito Misting Systems (installation of automatic misting system on your property, for daily treatments)
  • Standard Stink Bug Control (every 21 days)
  • Platinum Stink Bug Control (every 14 days)
  • Combined Mosquito Barrier Treatment and Stink Bug Control

We look forward to helping our clients enjoy a bug-free Spring, Summer & Fall this year!