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  • At Mosquito Squad of Montgomery County, MD and Mosquito Squad of Howard County, MD, we know you are as worried about mosquito-borne illnesses as much as we are

At Mosquito Squad of Montgomery County, MD and Mosquito Squad of Howard County, MD, we know you are as worried about mosquito-borne illnesses as much as we are

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At Mosquito Squad of Montgomery County, MD and Mosquito Squad of Howard County, MD, we know you are as worried about mosquito-borne illnesses as much as we are

July 7, 2015

mosquitoAt Mosquito Squad of Montgomery MD and Mosquito Squad of Howard County MD, we know you are as worried about mosquito-borne illnesses as much we are. Our aim is to keep your family and pets safe from vector-borne illnesses carried by mosquitoes and ticks for the entire season.

Mosquitoes are aggravating pest that can ruin an outdoor gathering or party and they also carry dangerous diseases that can not only be debilitating, but deadly as well. Maryland is home to 40 different kinds of mosquitoes unfortunately, and 725,000 Americans die every year from contact from mosquitoes. In fact, mosquitoes are considered to be the deadliest animal on earth because it kills over 1 million people worldwide every year due to their disease transmitting skills.they have been mentioned throughout history including as early as 467 B.C. in the writings of Sidonius Apollinaris and even Aristotle. It is even believed by many that Alexander the Great likely died of malaria, which is spread through the bite of a mosquito and still remains a threat in many countries today.

kid in hospitalThe nuisance mosquitoes impose on our lifestyle and health are nothing new. Mosquito illness and disease date all the way back to 323 B.C. Even famed U.S. Army pathologist and bacteriologist Walter Reed led experiments that proved that yellow fever is transmitted by a mosquito bite. Don’t think for a minute your bug repellent is going to provide you long-term effects at keeping mosquitoes at bay. Even a product that contains 10% DEET can only keep them away for about 90 minutes.

Our expert technicians will visit your property and help you understand what attracts mosquitoes to breed and increase their population right in your own backyard. For example, if you have pots or containers with standing water, we will urge you to remove these from your yard. Though a tire hung from a tree limb with a rope is pure Americana in terms of a child’s play swing they can quickly collect rainwater are the perfect spot for a mosquito to breed and multiply. Believe it or not, even just a capful of water can breed hundreds of these pesky insects!

In Montgomery County, MD, and Howard County, MD, we are concerned about the illnesses these pests carry. Here is a peek at just a few of the mosquito-borne diseases and illnesses they are responsible for:

  • West Nile Virus is particularly dangerous disease because most people don’t even show any symptoms, but those that do suffer through fever, headache, body aches, joint pain, vomiting, diarrhea and even a painful rash that can last for weeks or even months. Most frighteningly, some people can even develop meningitis, which causes the brain to swell and can lead to death.
  • Another dangerous disease in our neck of the woods in Maryland is the Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus which also triggers fever, chills and body aches. If it doesn’t clear up within a week, some victims can experience severe headaches, convulsions and frighteningly even coma. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1/3 of the people who become infected die and those who survive can unfortunately be left affected with brain damage, seizures and even paralysis.
  • Last year the Chikugunya Virus arrived in Maryland from the Caribbean.  Those traveling to tropical regions during summer vacations should be extra cautious to protect themself. Its symptoms are similar to that of the West Nile Virus, including  fever, headaches, muscle and joint pain or a rash about a week after getting bitten. Lucky individuals will have their aching clear up after about a week, but others can have joint pain that can continue for months and be very devastating.

mother and daughter As you can see, mosquitoes are not a joke, and Mosquito Squad of Montgomery County MD and Howard County MD can help you take the proper steps to protect those you love and keep them safe when outdoors. We will put a program in place that kills the adults and disrupts the breeding cycle of mosquitoes on your property and minimizes their numbers dramatically. It not only makes hanging out in your backyard with family and friends more fun—it makes it safer.

We have many options to help you cut down your chances of getting bitten by mosquitoes carrying a potentially dangerous disease, including our hugely popular barrier treatment that cuts back the mosquito population in your yard by 85-90%. Every 2-3 weeks we return to treat the property again during their breeding season to ensure your property continues to have a reduced invasion of these pests. The best part is that you don’t even need to be home when we treat your yard. You can go about your daily family activities and we will have on-going scheduled visits set up where we can take care of things without any worry on your part.

weddingWe additionally offer programs for a one-time special event mosquito control mist such as outdoor weddings, birthdays or even your annual pool party to make sure your guests feel comfortable and aren’t nagged by mosquitoes. We also have ways to keep ticks at bay and even an automatic misting system that recurrently emits a low dose of mist several times per day. Let’s chat and figure out which plan works best for you!

Contact Mosquito Squad of Montgomery County and Mosquito Squad of Howard County MD today to get your home on our list of regularly scheduled visits for your personally tailored mosquito control and prevention program today! Right now we are offering $75 off when you sign up for a full season of mosquito control for new customers! Contact us at (301) 888-5713

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