Why Does Connecticut Have So Many Ticks?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

October 21, 2022

The Northeast has a long history of frigid winters, but not so much in recent years. Warmer temperatures have made our winters slightly less brutal than usual, but who knows what this winter might bring? Regardless of what cold weather delivers this year, every winter has its thaw, and when the weather gets warmer again, this countryside comes to life. People and animals alike leave their houses, caves, and nests to enjoy the springtime sunshine, but not everyone does so with good intentions. Other animals are waiting patiently for helpless prey to pass by while they spend their days in yards, parks, and forests. The creatures we speak of? Ticks.

Ticks, despite their diminutive size, are frequently rife with diseases that can be seriously detrimental to human health. To make matters worse, ticks are also emerging sooner than usual from their winter abodes due to shorter, milder winters that don't cull their numbers. Currently, ticks appear in April and May, although they may appear whenever there is a persistent period of 45°F weather. Ticks might appear earlier in the upcoming years given the temperature changes that are fueled by climate change. You probably get where we’re going with this.

Tick control is growing in importance

Our climate has become more favorable to ticks than ever, and milder winters have allowed ticks to survive for longer as a result. While ticks are on the verge of vanishing this fall, they may return sooner than we would normally expect, and this is something to worry about. In recent years, Lyme disease has reached numbers never seen before. Roughly 300,000 to 400,000 people in the United States are expected to contract Lyme disease every year. With this troubling fact in mind, it is important to consider how you can defend against these bloodsuckers and the disease they may carry. Fortunately, professional tick control isn’t far away.

Who to trust for professional tick control

At Mosquito Squad, we've worked for nearly twenty years to ensure our customers are defended against ticks and the dangerous diseases they carry. With the help of our tick barrier protection treatments and our highly trained technicians, we can guarantee a substantial reduction in the tick population on your property. Rather than allow ticks to run rampant near you and your loved ones, take matters into your own hands. Ticks don't belong on your property, and your health should be defended.

Tick control is the frontline defense against ticks carrying diseases. For defense you can trust, look to the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Hartford. Give us a call at (860) 356-3953.