What is the Heartland Virus?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

March 18, 2022

The past two years have been rough on the public health sector. Coronavirus has thrown our nation’s disease response into overdrive, and it has also increased the public’s awareness of other diseases that could be up next. Of particular concern in Connecticut is the spread of tick-borne pathogens that are increasingly common. How do we know that ticks are carrying diseases? The public health sector in our state is on high alert each spring, summer, and fall when ticks are active, and scientists in the division will capture ticks to examine for pathogens. In recent years, results have been very concerning. Lyme disease is incredibly common in ticks in CT, and other diseases are also being detected with higher frequency than in past years.

From our senators requesting additional funding for tick research and prevention, to the increasing rates of tick-borne diseases in CT, evidence would suggest that we sit on the brink of a potential health crisis. As further evidence for this assumption, scientists in New York have detected a tick-borne disease that is typically restricted to the south. Known as the Heartland virus, this disease is one of several pathogens that are relatively rare but have the potential to become common in our tick populations. There are a few reasons this is concerning. Firstly, we don’t know much about this disease. Based on our experience with tick-borne pathogens, the overwhelming evidence is that infections can be incredibly unpleasant, can result in chronic illnesses, and can even cause death. What we know is that the Heartland virus causes symptoms like nausea, decreased appetite, headaches, muscle and joint pain, and intestinal issues. Severe cases have resulted in hospital visits and even death in older people with existing medical conditions. Thus, every effort should be made to prevent encountering ticks. Heartland virus is yet another dangerous tick-borne disease that has arrived in the Northeast. Look to Mosquito Squad of Hartford for powerful Enfield tick control.

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