Oh Gnats! Mosquito Squad of Greenville Can Help

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Gnats.  If you Google it, you’ll find all kinds of home remedies on getting rid of them.  That’s because they are annoying!  Here at Mosquito Squad of Greenville, we frequently get calls about getting rid of gnats in yards all across Greenville.  While we don’t specifically treat for gnats, we can help control them.

Gnats are tiny, long legged insects and can either be the biting or non-biting species.   They have many of the same patterns of mosquitoes and like many of the same conditions – warm, moist areas around vegetation and standing water.  The higher the humidity and moisture, the more at home gnats will be.  They use the moisture to lay their eggs and gnats do reproduce quickly.

Just as with mosquitoes, tipping, tossing and turning will help control the masses of gnats in your yard.  In addition, take a walk around your property to see if there is any type of rotting vegetation in your yard.  This can include underneath plants or flowers around your deck or patio, old logs, leaves or over Mosquito Squad spraying yardwatered soil.  Then give us a call at Mosquito Squad of Greenville.  Although our barrier treatment is not guaranteed to eliminate the same amount of gnats in your yard as it does mosquitoes and ticks, it will dramatically decrease the gnat population.  Here’s why: our highly effective barrier treatment is applied to the areas where gnats harbor.  When they come into contact with our treatment, they are eliminated.  This will also help control future generations of gnats from forming, thereby reducing the population.

To learn more about gnats and how Mosquito Squad of Greenville can help control them in your yard, give us a call.  Our season long program will provide continuous protection against mosquitoes and ticks and will help control gnats and other bugs that are bothering you.  Take your yard back with the help of Mosquito Squad of Greenville.