Mosquito & Tick Control for Farmington Residents

When warm weather rolls in, it also means the introduction of blood-sucking insects. It’s unfair you have to cover yourself up in sweltering heat and apply gallons of repellent to keep from being bitten. After all, mosquitoes and ticks carry deadly diseases and viruses, and we don’t want you worrying about that while you’re enjoying time with your loved ones. 

At Mosquito Squad of Greater Salt Lake City, we have effective and affordable mosquito and tick control treatments in Farmington that last for weeks. That means you can have fun with your friends and family without fear. It’s time to take back control of your backyard and make it the oasis it was meant to be.

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Is There a Mosquito Problem in Farmington, Utah?

In 2019, there were 21 West Nile Virus (WNV) cases throughout the state, with two deaths from the virus. While there have been no cases of human casualties of WNV as of 2021 due to mosquito or tick bites, there are mosquitoes in our area carrying life-threatening diseases. According to news reports, the Utah Department of Health collected 114 traps from around the state with mosquitoes that tested positive for deadly illnesses. We’re also diligent about protecting you and your family because you could be one bite away from hospitalization or worse. 

Reasons You Have So Many Mosquitoes in Your Backyard

Are mosquitoes setting up shop in your backyard like it’s their main job? You could be doing a few things that attract and invite these pests into your outdoor space.

Some reasons you have a significant mosquito problem include:

  • Standing water in various areas
  • Clogged gutters and drains 
  • Excessive plant life overgrowth 
  • Leftover water feeders for animals and birds 
  • Failing to treat mosquito larvae
  • Ineffective store-bought products
  • An entire neighborhood mosquito problem

Let our Farmington mosquito and tick control provide effective treatments and options that eliminate flying insects for 14-21 days. 

The Negative Effects of Mosquitoes in Your Backyard

When mosquitoes and ticks discover a new home with the water supply and humidity they love, you will have an abundance of blood-sucking pests bothering you and your four-legged family members. 

If mosquitoes and tick populations are left unaddressed, you will be dealing with:

  • A spread of life-threatening diseases
  • Skin irritation and rashes
  • Sick pets and livestock
  • Difficult abatement
  • Hoards of mosquitoes

Outdoor Mosquito Treatment That Works

When it comes to mosquitoes, we don’t play around. Our Farmington mosquito control pros offer outdoor treatments that work longer and faster than store-bought products. You get custom and convenient treatments that fit your lifestyle. 

Custom Plans Unique to Your Yard

Everyone’s yard is different, so the mosquito and tick treatments have to suit your yard’s size, scope, and plant life. We partner with you to discover the issue and perform our own assessment to build a custom mosquito treatment plan just for you. 

Mosquito Treatment That Eliminates on Contact and Maintains Barrier Protection

Once we locate the source of your mosquito infestation, we kill mosquito larvae and adult species to keep them from multiplying. Our treatments also create a protective barrier around your yard that tells other mosquitoes to back off. 

How Much Does It Cost for Mosquito Treatment in Farmington, Utah?

For an average cost of about $3,000, we can install a mosquito misting system that gives you almost 100% protection against mosquitos, ticks, fleas, and no-see-ums. Our traditional EPA-registered proprietary treatment cost will depend on your property acreage, the significance of the mosquito infestation, and more. However, we can offer estimates to help you plan financially for your treatments. 

Offering Alternative and Add-On Mosquito Treatments

Our Farmington technicians have various affordable and convenient mosquito control options when mosquitoes are on a mission to steal your peace of mind and leave you potentially ill. 

Natural Mosquito Treatment Option (Natural Repellent)

Our natural mosquito treatment eliminates mosquitoes and ticks on contact and protects plant life and domesticated animals from harsh chemical exposure. Your children and pets can begin enjoying your yard as soon as 30-minutes after treatment. 

Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems

You’ve seen the effects of store-bought mosquito repellents and control options. Still, nothing compares to our automatic misting system that you program to createsolutions for full protection for your family. 

Special (One-Time) Event Mosquito Treatment

You shouldn’t have to look out for any unwanted insects that could ruin your special event. Call our team to provide one-time event treatments that last as long as our traditional options (up to 21 days), so you can enjoy a momentous occasion. 

Mosquito Treatment for Commercial Establishments

Commercial properties need mosquito and tick control, too! We are available to treat mosquito resting places or provide pre-emptive treatment to anticipate hoards of insects and keep them from adversely affecting your livelihood. 

We Also Offer Tick Control and Other Pest Control Services in Farmington, UT

Mosquitoes aren’t the only blood-sucking pests you have to watch out for. Ticks, fleas, and no-see-ums don’t stand a chance against our barrier protection and full-coverage treatments. Enjoy up to 3 weeks of almost 100% pest-free outdoor space. 

Why the Farmington Community Trusts Our Mosquito Control Experts

It’s not easy trusting a company that promises effective mosquito and tick control. But we continue to prove ourselves in how we treat our neighbors, the care we put into each treatment, and various guarantees that deliver lasting results.  

Mosquitoes Hate Us, But You Love Us. Call Mosquito Squad Today! 

You can rely on Mosquito Squad of Greater Salt Lake City to provide effective, competitively priced, and exceptional mosquito control solutions. Whether you need one-time treatments for events, consistent solutions for longer protection, or an automatic system that makes life easier, we can help you say good riddance to mosquitoes and ticks.

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