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serena galindo Profile Image

serena galindo

(a week ago)

"I highly recommend Mosquito Squad for their exceptional exterminator service. Since hiring them, I've had no more issues with critters. They consistently arrive on time, are courteous, and even inform me when they're on their way, allowing me to secure my dogs. Their professionalism is truly commendable."

Tiffani Goldman Profile Image

Tiffani Goldman

(4 months ago)

"These guys are amazing! They have incredible employees! Brandon, alma and Matt I believe were the guys to service our house this year and they were always on time, so incredibly kind, always remembered details about what we needed. Always quick! Megan in the office was always so quick to respond with anything I needed. The option to have someone come out and give a boost if needed was awesome! They always had great appointments and were always fast to come! Can’t wait to start up again next year!"

Asa Vailolo Profile Image

Asa Vailolo

(5 months ago)

"I’ve been using these guys for a couple years.. they’ve always been great! The technicians are always willing to go above and beyond and the customer service is always great! Today is my last treatment for the season and Matt took the time to walk through with me to discuss the problem areas and what I’d like and he made sure to coat everything I asked for so I’d be good through the rest of the nice weather. Thank you Matt!"

Jana Rasmussen Profile Image

Jana Rasmussen

(5 months ago)

"I didn’t want to pay for mosquito spraying services but I am highly allergic and usually, I just can’t go out of doors when it begins to get dusky. Having Mosquito Squad come has changed that completely! I no longer fear going outside in the dusky-evening (one of my favorite times of day!). Mosquito Squad had made me feel like I can enjoy my garden and backyard again! It feels pricey but the difference was so night-and-day that I feel it’s completely worth it! Today, Nick A and Alma came to do the service. They were kind and considerate and did a great job spraying where we wanted them to and not where we asked them not to (we still have some garden to harvest). Alma came last time and the time before that too and he was friendly and helpful. We were concerned about garden stuff and he/they really took care of us! Thanks for all your hard work, guys!"

Joe Spencer Profile Image

Joe Spencer

(9 months ago)

"Today my partner scheduled the Squad to come out for our first treatment. We have been apprehensive to use this for fear of what it could do to the flowers, animals, wildlife etc. But after the treatment our techs Jack and Hayden (Sorry Justin no cred for you bro), gave me a pamphlet explaining how the Squad was EPA compliant, and how the spray wouldn't harm our animals etc. They even taught me about The 7T's. If you know, you know. The poor guys even had to wait for me to get back from Lowe's. Sorry Jack and Hayden, thanks for sticking around an extra few minutes. We're really hoping to see a difference in the mosquitoes and wasps and if so, we definitely look forward to seeing the Squad again. Great job guys. Sorry no love for you Justin."