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How to Keep Mosquitos and Bugs Away from your Fenton-Brighton Outdoor Living Space

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

During the nice summer months of the year, finding ways to spend time outdoors is very important. When you are looking to relax or entertain, having a comfortable outdoor living space can be a great option. One issue that could affect your outdoor experience is if your outdoor living space is infiltrated by mosquitos and other bugs. For those that are in the Fenton-Brighton area, mosquitos are very common as the summer progresses Fortunately, there are several ways that you can keep them away from your outdoor living space. 

Fans Around Perimeter

One great way that you can keep the mosquitos away from our patio or other outdoor space is by placing fans around the perimeter of your space. While mosquitos are strong and can fly, they are not much of a match for a strong oscillating fan. Placing fans strategically can help prevent the bugs from accessing your space.

Lighting Source

Another way that your mosquitos can be kept away is by considering your lighting source. It is always nice to have some outdoor lights to set a nice mood during a relaxing evening. Unfortunately, some lights are more attractive to mosquitos than others. Bright white bulbs tend to attract these bugs far more than yellow lights. Another option is to add citronella candles or other tiki torches, which can add ambiance but are designed to keep mosquitos away.

Professional Mosquito Control

The most effective way that you can control the mosquito population in your yard is by working with a professional. A mosquito control company can provide safe home mosquito control that can keep them away from your patio or any other place in your yard. This safe mosquito control can also help to ensure that all people and pets remain safe through the use of organic and non-toxic products.

When in need of mosquito control Fenton-Brighton residents should call in the pros. You should contact Mosquito Squad of Fenton-Brighton at 810-202-9771 to schedule a consultation and to receive a free quote for service.