Look no further for quality pest control against mosquitoes, ticks, and other regional bugs than Mosquito Squad in Louisa, VA. Our trained technicians are ready to help you determine a specialized pest control plan that thoroughly addresses your property’s unique needs. 

Mosquito Control in Louisa, VA  

Mosquitoes are the most lethal animals in the world. Yes, you read that right. When Mosquito Squad professionals realized this in the early 2000s, they decided it was time to develop a treatment method to help protect American families against the many illnesses these obnoxious pests carry. 

Mosquito Squad Louisa offers recurring treatments during peak mosquito months (roughly May through September), as well as a two-time special event treatment to reduce your guests’ chances of contracting a viral, bacterial, or even parasitic infection from mosquitoes and ticks in the area.

Tick Control in Louisa, VA

Ticks are a very close second to mosquitoes for their role in carrying dangerous diseases to the masses. More than 475,000 Americans fall ill with Lyme Disease annually, a classic tick-borne bacterial infection. Mosquito Squad offers two options for tick control, including a recurring dual protective barrier treatment spray for your outdoor space as well as a tick tube treatment method that produces steady, minimizing effects on breeding grounds over the course of several months.

Why Mosquito Squad of Louisa, VA?

Mosquito Squad Louisa’s number one goal is to keep you and your family happy and healthy. Our products are administered with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if you are not completely happy with the results of your first treatment within 21 days, give us a call, and we will return for a second application free of charge. 

Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Louisa, VA, for Pet Health

Mosquito Squad professionals know that pets are typically the most susceptible family members to anything amiss in your home’s outdoor environment. This means that they are not immune to mosquito bites or the illnesses that could potentially follow. If anything, they may be at an even higher risk of fatality due to parasitic, viral, and bacterial infections stemming from mosquito bites.

Mosquito Squad Louisa has the tools and know-how to help you protect your pets against mosquitoes, ticks, and flea infestations in your yard.

Tick- and Mosquito-Borne Diseases in Louisa, VA

Factoring in all of these dangers and tailoring treatment accordingly, Mosquito Squad professionals will provide you with a wide array of treatment options and an honest, affordable quote upon initial assessment of your property’s pest problem. 

Ticks are most known for carrying vector-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease, a bacterial infection that affects more than 475,000 Americans per year. Tick species local to the Louisa area also carry Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), which causes a severe allergy to red meat in humans. Ticks are vectors for other dangerous diseases–some of which do not yet have vaccines or treatments–such as Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, Powassan (POW), Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Tularemia. 

Didn’t believe us when we said mosquitos were the most dangerous killers of all? Mosquitoes carry diseases like West Nile Virus, Heartworm, Encephalitis, Malaria, Chikungunya, and Yellow Fever to humans and animals. More than 1,000 Americans suffer annually from severe illness caused by mosquito-borne disease. Worldwide, these numbers are much larger.

Mosquito Squad in Louisa, VA 

Mosquito Squad’s treatments have been delivered more than 2 million times to more than 300,000 families across 36 states. We are proud to be an internationally recognized company as well, with treatments having been administered overseas in Kenya and Indonesia as a way to mitigate malaria spread. We believe in making your home’s outdoor space an enjoyable place for all. Contact us today to find out more about our products and schedule your home’s first outdoor pest control treatment. 



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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