Mosquito Prevention and Control: Misting System

Posted by Mosquito Squad

April 20, 2017

You can’t always be there to personally provide protection for your property from mosquitoes. One of the best mosquito prevention options is to use an automatic misting system from Cape Cod Mosquito Squad.


  • The system automatically treats for 30-seconds between 2-4 times a day…you decide exactly how much mosquito control your property requires
  • You can increase or decrease treatments by using a convenient remote control
  • Effective against both mosquitoes and ticks, making the area even safer for you and your visitors
  • The system is made of inconspicuous nylon tubing, so it will not disturb the beautiful aesthetic of your property
  • The system is monitored, filled, serviced and properly winterized by Cape Cod Mosquito Squad, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy a home or business completely free of mosquitoes and ticks

Professional Service

When you first contact Cape Cod Mosquito Squad, we will send a specialist to your property to assess the area, inform you of our services and to answer any questions that you may have. This allows you to choose the exact services your property requires. Then, our specialist will review the specifics of our system and brief you on where the different nozzles will be placed for maximum mosquito prevention and control.

After all of this, the specialist will offer you a quote that represents the cost of the installation and management of your misting system. Once you have agreed to the quote, technicians will be sent to your property within 10 days to begin setting everything up.

Ongoing Management and Service

You are not just paying for a top-of-the-line misting system—you are also paying for continuous management and service throughout the year. Our team will automatically provide maintenance for your misting system and will prepare and fill the system before the major mosquito season is upon you. We will continue to monitor and refill the system throughout the year as necessary.

When winter is near, we will winterize the system to ensure it is in prime condition for when the next bug season rolls around. And, of course, we are just a phone call away if you ever have any questions or need help.

Call Cape Cod Mosquito Squad today at (508) 406-7974 for your free consultation.