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How Do Mosquitoes Target Humans?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
How Do Mosquitoes Target Humans?

December 19, 2023

Every summer, just as we start to come outside to savor the warmth, mosquitoes reenter the world with equal enthusiasm. Having laid dormant for months, mosquitoes emerge ravenous and aggressive, ready to take advantage of the brief time they have on earth. In an ideal world, everyone and everything would be able to enjoy life, but a happy mosquito is probably the one with its mouth lodged in your arm; this makes a person profoundly unhappy. Since time immemorial, humans have struggled to combat mosquitoes and their uncanny ability to seek us out, even in the dark. With the scientific capabilities we have today, we’ve begun to understand what makes mosquitoes tick, including how they can target their food so effectively.

Why you should consider Hingham mosquito control

As you may have noticed before, keeping mosquitoes away is profoundly difficult. Even when you use the strongest mosquito repellant available, mosquitoes still feel the need to make annoying flybys to give you a closer look. There are a few reasons for their irrepressible behavior, and each is attached to a mosquito’s head. Despite our perception that these insects are unsophisticated, mosquitoes have a wide array of sensory components that take temperature, color, and scent into account, making them highly effective hunters. Unfortunately for us, a mosquito’s ability to detect us with numerous senses means that most mosquito control is ineffective, despite what the product might claim. The reason for such ineffectiveness is that most mosquito control tries to treat the symptoms of the issue, and not the source of the problem. For example, the electric mosquito zappers you see at home improvement stores are one of a huge variety of ineffective “treatments” that are simply a waste of money. Fortunately, there are other mosquito control avenues available to you.

Who to trust for Hingham mosquito control

Considering how incredible mosquitoes are at tracking down their meals, professional mosquito control is exceedingly important. At Mosquito Squad, we’ve been assisting our customers around the country since 2005, and we’re still providing mosquito control services of the highest quality. Using our barrier protection mist, which is available in our original and naturalformulas, we treat your yard’s perimeter to create an invisible barrier that discourages mosquitoes from entering your yard. Furthermore, our highly-trained technicians are skilled at searching for areas that are likely to harbor mosquitoes and will treat those segments of your yard, too. We are committed to defending our neighbors from these flying pests, and you are guaranteed to see results when you work with us. Indeed, you will see up to 90% fewer mosquitoes on your property after our treatments!

Mosquitoes can sense humans with sight, smell, and feel. To fight against this difficult threat, look to Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South for all your mosquito control needs. Give us a call at (781) 471-5793.