Worcester Tick Tubes Limit Tick Population Growth

Posted by Mosquito Squad

September 5, 2017

Eliminating ticks with tick mist is a gratifying experience for us misting and you enjoying your tick-free yard. While Mosquito Squad of Worcester customers have made our tick mist our best-selling product, we can’t help but point out the long-term effectiveness of Worcester tick tubes. While tick tubes don’t provide the instant gratification of our tick mist, it is a very effective method for long-term tick control and lowering the risk for tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease.

How do Worcester Tick Tubes Work?

Tick tubes are cardboard tubes filled with cotton treated with tick insecticide. The tubes are placed strategically around your property twice per year. Rodents will use the cotton as a nesting material in their dens. When the rodent enters their den with a tick embedded in it, the tick will die on contact. Typically larval and nymph ticks feed on small mammals like mice and chipmunks, making this a great way to interrupt the tick life-cycle and eliminate ticks in these first two stages of their lives. Future tick populations can be reduced as these ticks will never mature into egg-laying adults.

What Makes Tick Tubes So Effective in the Fight Against Lyme Disease?

Larval ticks are not yet infected with pathogens as they have not yet had a blood meal. Typically a tick becomes infected during their first blood meal on small mammals. With tick tubes, larval and newly emerged nymph deer ticks are eliminated in the dens of rodents before they have a chance to spread diseases like Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever and others. Nymph ticks happen to be the most dangerous due to their tiny poppy seed size. By eliminating the most elusive of the tick-borne disease spreaders before they get the chance to have their next blood meal, therefore spreading disease, tick tubes are a highly effective way to combat tick disease in Worcester.

We recommend our Intensive Tick Treatment, which includes both our tick mist and our tick tubes. We’ll mist your property every 3 weeks all season long to eliminate 85-90% questing adult and nymph ticks. We’ll also place tick tubes twice per year for even further Worcester tick control results. Call Mosquito Squad of Worcester today.