Is it time to begin your Hubbardston mosquito control?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Is it time to begin your Hubbardston mosquito control?

December 20, 2023

With the warm-and-cold nature of Massachusetts weather this time of year, many of you are asking, “When is it time to mist for mosquitoes?”

Most residents here in Hubbardston, Mass, anticipate the end of winter. We look forward to longer hours of daylight. We are planning outdoor projects, such as gardening and home improvements. We do not look forward to the pesky mosquitoes that emerge each spring and seem to never go away. It is about time to crawl out from our long winter's hibernation.

When is it time to mist for mosquitoes?

Now is the time to schedule your seasonal Hubbardston mosquito control. You do not have to wait till all the flowers and trees are in full bloom before starting your mosquito control regimen. The rule of thumb is to begin your Hubbardston mosquito control program when the daily temperature is consistently above 50°F. You should be on Mosquito Squad’s mist schedule beginning in April – yeah, now!

What type of Hubbardston mosquito mist is right for you?

Mosquito Squad of Worcester has two choices for protecting your family from mosquitoes. You can select the right formula for your family – choose our EPA-registered protection mist or naturalmist! Both formulas are barrier protection sprays, applied from the outside of your property, working inward until all areas of vegetation are covered. Our naturalmist is created with an essential oils base, and acts as a mosquito repellent that works for about two weeks. Our EPA-registered mosquito mist will eliminate mosquitoes on contact and continue working for up to three weeks. Wouldn’t it be great to experience 85% to 90% less mosquitoes around your home this spring, summer, and fall? With Mosquito Squad of Worcester, you can!

Our Hubbardston mosquito control is perfect for the whole family!

Your entire family will benefit from our effective mosquito yard sprays! Young and old, human and pet - mosquito control is essential for the entire family. Mosquito-borne illnesses are on the rise. 2020 saw nine cases of EEE in Massachusetts. There are about 500-600 of cases of West Nile virus each year in the United States. Add to that, our beloved pets (dogs and cats) can contract heart worm disease from one mosquito bite. At the very least, you will be protecting your family from itchy, potentially infected mosquito bites – at most, a dreadful mosquito-borne illness!

It is time to begin your Hubbardston mosquito control regimen with Mosquito Squad of Worcester. Say good riddance to mosquitoes with our effective mosquito barrier protection sprays, no matter which type you choose. Call us today at (508) 388-5640.